Gil Templeton, Gone at 53

Doc Searls reports the sad news that humorist Gil Templeton died last night.  He was just 53.

I haven’t seen my old friend Gil Templeton since his brother David’s wedding, whenever that was. Ten years ago? Twelve? Both Gil and David worked for me — Gil as a copywriter in North Carolina and David as a PR account executive in California. Both guys were as different as two primary colors, with a few significant exceptions, especially in the humor department. Both were very funny guys. I remember how Gil (who went on to write piles of sketch comedy … and act in some too) and I co-wrote a country music song, or part of one, anyway, when we should have been working late one night.


Last night I got an email from David reporting that Gil died in his sleep that morning. He was just 53.

IMDB credits Templeton as the writer for “Hey, Vern, it’s Ernest.”  Otherwise, while the name’s quite familiar, I can’t put a finger on why.

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