Gingrich vs. Pelosi in Pictures

Sean Hackbarth has photos of Newt Gingrich assuming the Speakership in 1995 and Nancy Pelosi doing so yesterday. He notes a certain contrast in style.

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James Joyner
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  1. madmatt says:

    Sean is obviously an idiot and you should be ashamed of yourself for linking to such pedestrian garbage. I am sure we can find a photo of newt looking dumb and pelosi looking sincere…by the way what is that on newts head?

  2. James Joyner says:

    Matt: I don’t think you’d find a picture of Newt cheering like an excited kid, despite the GOP having been out of power a hell of a lot longer. The transition in 1995 was quite gracious, well handled by both Gingrich and Dick Gephardt.

  3. jpe says:

    Silly as Pelosi seems to be acting, I’ll take gracious politics and uncivil ceremonial events over the reverse any day.

  4. The best part of the post is the reaction. I simply offered up the pictures and commenters went off. It’s turned into a Rorschach test.

    I’m sure Pelosi had some classy moments, but imagine if Newt would have done his version of Hulk Hogan. He never would have heard the end of it from both liberals and conservatives. Liberals would blast him for his arrogance while conservatives would have been embarrassed.

  5. spaceman says:

    Newt should have surrounded himself with children on the podium to show a people side.

  6. sgtfluffy says:

    “conservatives would have been embarrassed”

    That is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party,…sissies