Girlie Cave Men?

The Governator and the Girlie Men have reached an accomodation on the California Budget.

Bloomberg – California’s Schwarzenegger, Lawmakers Strike Budget Agreement

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders said they’ve reached agreement on a $103 billion spending plan, breaching an impasse that’s held up passage of a budget 27 days into the fiscal year.


“I’m a very happy governor,” Schwarzenegger told reporters in his Capitol office about 11:30 p.m. Sacramento time. “We negotiated very hard and proved that when Democrats and Republicans work together, we can do the impossible.”


The impasse was breached when Schwarzenegger and Republicans dropped their insistence that any attempt to borrow tax revenue from local governments in the future be done only with a four- fifths vote of the Legislature. They instead agreed to a two- thirds vote and $1 billion limit twice every 10 years. Democrats conceded to a Republican demand that lawmakers change a law signed last year by Davis that encourages workers to sue their employers for labor violations. “We all had to agree to things that we don’t like,” Senate President John Burton, a Democrat from San Francisco, said as he stood with Schwarzenegger to announce the agreement.

According to Stephen Green, “Looks like the girlie men caved.” Bill Quick, referring to Schwarzenegger, sees it differently: “He got rolled.”

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