Glenn Greenwald Gets Results

As noted here, Glenn Greenwald recently raised a red flag about General David Petraeus giving an “exclusive” interview to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt and asked to have the general appear on Alan Colmes’ liberal show, on which he’s a contributor, to demonstrate that the war is a national endeavor, not a partisan one. He was informed that there was a backlog of requests but that his would be added to the list.

Well, Robert Bluey reports that Petraeus appeared on Colmes’ show yesterday for 30 minutes.

Greenwald is too shy to toot his own horn about this — he hasn’t mentioned it at his own site — but kudos to him. This just shows what a little persistence can accomplish.

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James Joyner
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  1. carpeicthus says:

    Here’s something interesting: You present exactly the same information as the site you link to, but yours is clear, readable, and gets to the important point, while the Red State guy is bilious and snide, sounding like an angry drunk. I think this shows some of the keys to your blogging success.

  2. bains says:

    After appearing on the HH show, Greenwald spent much ink criticizing Petraeus’ decision to appear and none on the actual content of the interview. Now that the good General has faced a non-sympathetic liberal questioner we’ll see just how serious Greenwald is about content.

  3. spacemonkey says:

    I would like to see Gen. Petraeus address a joint session of congress to deliver his report, uninterrupted. Like Gen McArthur did regarding Korea.