Timothy Noah takes a mildly amusing happenstance and turns it into a seriously silly parable:

Chatterbox is a Democrat because (among other reasons) Democrats are the party of toleration. A small but telling illustration is the name of Sen. Joe Lieberman’s new communications director. It’s Matt Gobush. Can you imagine a Republican ever hiring a communications aide named Jason Yayclinton? The surname would be an automatic deal breaker, and he’d be shunned reflexively, like a runt shoved from the litter. But Democrats don’t behave that way.

Oh, please.

Gobush himself has the right attitude, however:

As you would expect, Gobush’s own line on his name is that it’s widely misinterpreted. “It’s a exhortation for our current president to leave office,” he told Chatterbox.


James Joyner
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