Greek Campaign Winds Down

Via the BBC:  Greek election: Parties make final push for votes

Parties in Greece are making their last pitch for votes ahead of a repeat election seen as crucial to the debt-laden country’s future in the eurozone.

New Democracy, the pro-bailout conservative party which narrowly led at the ballot last month, is due to hold its last big campaign rally.

Syriza, the anti-bailout bloc which surged to second place in May, held its final rally in Athens on Thursday.

Unofficial opinion polls suggest a fall in support for anti-bailout parties.

Under Greek election law, official opinion polls are banned in the two weeks before the election.

The vote will be held on Sunday.

The piece has a nifty table with all the parties and their positions, just click the above to see.  The BBC also has a Q&A here.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I find it very sad that only the Communists are talking sense here–leave the Euro. As long as that country is unable to control its own currency, and is stuck listening to the Troika, they’re going to be severe pain for a long time.