Grewal Tape Transcripts: Paul Martin In The Loop

Available through NealeNews;
1, 2, 3, 4.

All I can say is that this is damning stuff for Paul Martin’s government – confirming that explicit offers were made to Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal in exchange for his and his wife’s abstainsion in a critical confidence vote.

Early coverage at CTV;

SK – Minister (Ujjal Dosanjh) called and asked me if I have spoken to you (GG). I said I have talked to him and explained our discussion. Looks like everything is OK and said that he (GG) should contact him (UD).

GG – Should I contact him (UD) ?

SK – Yes, he (UD) said GG should meet with him in the HOC. He (UD) will call me in the morning. He (UD) started talking with the big boss. Unless and until you sit face to face with the big boss nothing can be resolved. If promise is given face to face and I will take your (UD) promise also, if need be, I will also come and join you in the meeting. Everything looks OK, they (Liberals) are the ones who need you (GG).

GG – We will communicate further tomorrow.

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