Groom Gives Ring Back to Runaway Bride

Groom Gives Ring Back to Runaway Bride (FOX News)

When runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks made her way home after running away last week, John Mason was waiting to give something to his fiancée. “The first thing I gave to her when I saw her was her diamond back. … She put it right on her finger,” Mason told FOX News’ Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview to be broadcast Monday at 9 p.m. EDT.

Mason, a 32-year-old office manager whom authorities questioned as a possible suspect in Wilbanks’ disappearance, said her case of cold feet did nothing to change how he feels about her. “‘Cause we haven’t walked down the aisle, just because we haven’t stood in front of 500 people and said our I dos, you know, my commitment before God to her was the day I bought that ring and put it on her finger and I’m not backing down from that now,” Mason told Hannity.

A match made in Heaven. Perhaps she’ll get conjugal visits.

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  1. Bithead says:

    Credit him for sticking to her, and his promise… in any event.

    As for her, it’s like I said at my place last night:

    I’ll tell you a little secret; In the thousand or so weddings I’ve DJ’d since the early 70’s, I’d say 10-15% of them were like this… overly large and formal… and were making the bride and groom more nervous than they really needed to be. Getting married is a big step, and they’re already nervous enough.

    Think 8 wedding showers and 28 attendants is going to push an already nervous bride, over the edge?

    According to stuff I’ve read within the last few hours, we’re talking around 25 grand at least for the wedding gifts.

    What if the huge production this whole thing had become before she left, was WHY she left? And if the family is that overbearing, what do you do if you’re the groom in this situation?

    (Shudder) She’s a cute kid, but if the overbearing family (and the overbearing family money) was the issue, do I really want that baggage for the next 60 years, or so?

    He does, apparently if for no other reason than a promise made.

  2. Steve says:

    I dunno I can’t help but think the guy is a total sap. She did run off for a reason, maybe it was him…or maybe she is a bit loony. Either way, it doesn’t speak well Mason as being all to bright.

  3. Jack Tanner says:

    Talk about desparate……….

  4. jarod says:

    Why did she lied and made up stories that she was abducted to a Hispanic man? I felt sorry for those Hispanic people. She cost thousands of dollars searching for her lousy ass. Which in fact she just want to have fun and get laid in Vegas before getting married to that so called “religious” man. She might have thought – boy, its going to be a freaking boring life so Im going to Vegas and get wild! If shes not going to be charged then theres something wrong on our judicial system and this will lead back to racial issues again that the law was not tailored to protect colored people. So, lets all break the law by shouting “Fire!” in public area and see if our asses get charged.
    The bitch should go to jail!