Gulf Cartel Capo Arrested in Mexico

Via the BBC:  Mexico ‘Gulf cartel boss’ Jorge Eduardo Costilla caught

Mexican officials say marines have captured a man believed to be one of the country’s most wanted drug lords, Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez.

Mr Costilla, a suspected Gulf cartel leader, was detained in the northern state of Tamaulipas, they said.

His capture follows the arrest last week of the suspected head of a rival Gulf faction, Mario Cardenas Guillen.


He is on the Mexican government’s list of the 37 most wanted drug lords, with a reward of more than $2m (£1.2m) offered for information leading to his capture.

No doubt, the arrest of a major leader will have a significant affect on the drug smuggling business.   While it is useful to arrest persons engaged in criminal activity, the drug trade will continue unabated.

A map of cartels via the BBC, which shows the territorial scope of the Gulf cartel:


Map showing areas of influence of Mexican drug cartels

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