Ralph Peters tells us to be patient with our troops and explains why things are going remarkably well, even if things seem at a standstill to viewers at home.

ON the ground, the Army and Marines, supported by our Brit allies, carried out the swiftest, deepest attack in military history. And to put all of our supposed difficulties into perspective, the war to date has been fought with friendly casualties so low they are barely a fraction of the deaths and injuries that happened on America’s highways in the same time-frame.

Certainly, we value every one of our soldiers, and mourn each loss. This is not a low-cost war to the families whose sons and daughters have been killed, wounded or captured. But, by any standards, this campaign has been remarkable.

Indeed. (By the way, I can’t help but note that Peters writes more upbeat columns for the NY Post than the Washington Post. Not sure why that is. )

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