The John Edwards campaign has come out with a pretty darn good video riposte to all of his hair kerfuffle:

I personally think that this little spot is brilliant–it shows, with a little humor, that hair care has somehow become attached to his campaign. But then taking that start and seguing into the real failures of the Bush Administration? That’s well done. I’m not an Edwards supporter–Bill Richardson is my Presidential candidate of preference–but you have to admire the ability to take control of a weakness and pivoting towards a strength.

(link via Andrew Sullivan)

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  1. Bithead says:

    Yeah, after all, the Breck girl IS the sexiest woman alive.

  2. yo says:

    ?! While I agree the hair part is funny, lowering the spot to the same, boring Bush “failures” doesn’t hold water with me.

    Basically, all Edwards is saying is that he can let his PR folks have fun of the issue of his hair, but he’s got nothing to offer that’s any different from the lame-assed, left wing criticisms. *yawn*

    The fact that he voted for the authorization to go to war kinda’ disqualifies his criticism, as well.

    Edwards is an empty suit and come primary time, the DNC will remind him of such.

  3. HQ Celebrity says:

    It worked pretty well for the first year.