Hardball With Jed Clampett

WuzzaDem has the transcript of Chris Matthews interviewing millionaire Jed Clampett on MSNBC’s Hardball.

Photo: Hardball with Jed Clampett

via Bill at InDC

James Joyner
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  1. Classic
    WuzzaDem: Hardball With Jed Clampett.

    h/t: OTB.

  2. Wizbang says:

    Hardball With Jed Clampett
    heh Hardball With Jed Clampett Via Steven Taylor who got it from James Joyner who got it from Bill at INDC Journal. Don’t break the blogchain. lol…

  3. Thank ya kindly for the link, Dr. Joyner!

  4. Myopic Zeal says:

    Hardball with Jed Clampett
    Continuing the chain.

    Hardball With Jed Clampett

    Via Wizbang who got it from Steven Taylor who got it from James Joyner who got it from INDC.

  5. Hardball with Jed Clampett
    Hardball with Jed Clampett Via Wizbang via Steven Taylor via James Joyner via INDC Journal….