Hillary Clinton Photoshopped Out Of Iconic Situation Room Photograph

Well, this is certainly odd:

Ultra Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung is telling its readers like it isn’t- by editing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the now-iconic Bin Laden raid Situation Room photo. Oy vey.

The religious paper never publishes pictures of women, as they could be considered “sexually suggestive.” Apparently the presence of a woman, any woman, being all womanly and sexy all over the United States’ counterterrorism efforts was too much for the editors of Der Tzitung to handle.

For reference, here’s the original photo

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. michael reynolds says:

    Religious fanaticism is never pretty. Not even when it’s “my” team. This is stupid, it’s dishonest, and it’s contemptible.

  2. Southern Hoosier says:

    sexually suggestive.

    Pictures of Hillary is “sexually suggestive?” LOL
    Not even the Muslims go that far.

  3. John Peabody says:

    The second woman (way in back, in front of the door) is also missing.
    Always get a second source.

  4. TG Chicago says:

    Weird that they didn’t just crop out the right-hand side of the picture.

  5. SandSlapper says:

    They even rank a negro higher than a women.

  6. John Burgess says:

    Yeah… even the Saudis would only black out ‘excess’ skin, not the entire figure.

    Ultra-conservative religions of all stripes do tend to get a little nuts.

  7. john personna says:

    Now if it was Margaret Thatcher I could understand …

  8. An Interested Party says:

    …or Golda Meir…

  9. anjin-san says:

    Yet another reminder that religious extremism of any strip is ugly…

  10. john personna says:

    Actually I was going the other way. Too much of an inside joke. I had a friend who would pretend to be hot for Thatcher.

  11. Franklin says:

    being all womanly and sexy all over the United States’ counterterrorism efforts

    Loved this convoluted explanation.

  12. There is obviously something very wrong in countries where men are not allowed to look at women, lest they loose all control of themselves.
    Sounds like the men need to seriously get help instead of erasing the women from their worlds.