Hillary Clinton: Secretary Of State Is Likely My Last Government Job

Once again, Hillary Clinton tells us that she has no desire to run for office again:

Secretary of state will be Hillary Clinton’s “last public position,” she said Friday, yet again tamping down speculation that she’s plotting a White House run or that she could be President Barack Obama’s running mate in 2012.

“I think I will serve as secretary of state as my last public position,” she said at a town hall meeting in Manama, Bahrain, according to news reports.

Once she’s done serving in the Obama administration, Clinton said she expects to “probably go back to advocacy work, particularly on women and children and probably around the world.”

Those inclined toward Clintonian conspiracy theories, of course, won’t believe a word of this.

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  1. Linda says:

    Could we really be that lucky?

  2. anjin-san says:

    Could we really be that lucky?

    Could you point to actual failure in job performance as a Senator or Sec State by Clinton?