Hillary Clinton Presidency

Hillary Clinton Presidency Carl Bernstein asks, “What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like?”

He proceeds to give a very, very long answer that’s of little interest given the exceedingly unlikelihood of that eventuality. After all, she’s a longshot for the nomination at this point and would still need to beat John McCain in the Fall. But it’s very curious that he asks the question with employing the subjunctive mood (“What would . . .”) or any qualifiers whatsoever.

Does he know something we don’t? Or just need an editor?

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James Joyner
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  1. DavidL says:

    The interesting thing about Carl Berstein is that he is a recent convert. Berstein was a hard care Clintonista. Like Bill Richardsson, Berstein too has seen the light, or shall I say the Dark Side.

    What I found interesting, is that Berstein based his endorsement of Mrs. Clinton on his belief in her growth. His rejection of Mrs. Clinton was based his realization that Mrs. Clinton’s growth was but an illusion.

    This is tha same Mrs. Clinton who hired Craig Livingstone and lsot her Rose law firm billing reacords for two years while under subpoeona.