Holocaust Denial Conference

While many things have gone through my mind since I first read yesterday about a Holocaust denial conference being held in Iran, I must confess that this one by Spencer Ackerman never did: “Let’s say you’re an antisemite. Why would you deny the Holocaust? Wouldn’t you consider it the most awesome thing that ever happened?”

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James Joyner
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  1. Anderson says:

    The kind of person who’s an anti-Semite also sees the murder of 5 or 6 million Jews as some kind of net *plus* for the Jews, because after all they got that swell Mediterranean real estate. And there was no such thing as Zionism before WW2, so Israel would never have happened without the Holocaust.

    Cf. George Steiner’s creepy novel about Nazi hunters who catch Hitler (aged 100) in the South American jungle, in which Hitler argues that he’s the greatest benefactor to the Jews since, like, Moses. Pitch-perfect for the kind of thing Hitler *would* have said.

  2. dutchmarbel says:

    I follow the conference via the weblog of a Dutch journalist who lives in Iran. So if you want a few pictures… (and maybe your German is not too rusty to understand most of the Dutch).

  3. Christopher says:

    Are liberals, who routinely deny common sense, also invited?

  4. dutchmarbel says:

    Seeing the Orthodox Jews on the conference is bizar – the picture of Ahmajinedad kissing a rabbi is weird. In the Dutch article it says that the conference is targetted specifically against the Zionists, not the Jews (there are 30.000 Jews living in Iran). It also said that they officially invited people with contra viewpoints but most who wanted to proof the existance of the holocaust didn’t come – though the Israeli Arab who wanted to come to do that was refused entrance because he had an Israeli passport.