How America Dominates the World: Manipulations, Sex, and Money

Chamake Mauriene reveals America's secret to world domination in Pravda.

Chamake Mauriene reveals America’s secret to world domination in Pravda.

Ever since the end of World War 2, America has controlled the world using three tools-manipulations, sex and money.  These three factors have been responsible for the continual dominance of the American society above other societies across the world.


I have come across articles, TV interviews, radio interviews, Internet videos and documentaries which talk about a banking order, a so-called Illuminati and other funny suggestions as being responsible for America’s dominance of the world.  All of these are false.

Rather this should be twisted to say a growing new world order, banking systems being enforced by the American government on the global world is an effect of the American government’s use of manipulations, sex and money to control the world.

An over-hyped NWO, non-existent Illuminati nonsense, does not control the world.  What does?  Manipulations, sex and money.  Let’s take these three factors one after another.


The manipulation I talk about is very interesting. The news media shenanigans, Wikileaks, false news emerging from the mainstream media, so-called democratic activists and even the occupy movements are all a creation of the American government.

Over the decades, even before World War 2, the American government has always created its own friends and its own enemies. This has worked for it, and it still does work for the American government.  The American government creates its own enemies in order to control and contain the action of its opposers.  Look at the story of Afghanistan, and how the American government has successfully manipulated the world.  They created the so-called Taliban resistance, and they currently run it.  Every single so-called surprise attack by the Taliban on NATO or American military instalments are all pre-planned by the American government.


Sex is a big success tool in regards to America’s success so far in terms of dominating the world.  For the last five decades, the American government has successfully created a world where sex is in control of virtually everything you can talk about.  Using the media, they have successfully developed, grown and forced the act of sex worship in virtually every country across the world.

By creating sex symbols, who are sponsored and obedient to the American government, the world population has been controlled for decades and is still been controlled.  Kim Khadashian is an example of a sex symbol, she became a big success so-called star after her sex tape was supposedly leaked to the world.  It was all pre-planned, there were no leaks.  She was been moulded into a sex symbol to serve the imperialistic aims of the US.  I use the term ‘so-called’ because I never knew about her until a couple months back.

Angelina Jolie is another sex symbol who has been used over the years to clamour support for imperialistic activities, and most recently she was very vocal in clamouring for support for the American invasion of Libya.  She goes around these days sharing false accusations and clamouring for support for another invasion, this time SYRIA.

This is insightful analysis. It had never occurred to me that the Kardashians were a psy-op; that actually explains a lot.

via Andrew Exum

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  1. Tsar Nicholas says:

    How women control men, too.

  2. That makes me think of a great movie plot. A remake of Bronson’s “Telefon” but with hot Russian mail order brides.

  3. Janis Gore says:

    Um hmmm. If sex is one of the factors, I’d say Brazil will be the next world power. Lord, those are some sexy men and women.

  4. More on the culture that is America:

    Please admire this hitch mounted stripper pole

  5. Janis Gore says:

    @john personna: I can’t stop laughing. How nicely done. Especially the quote.

  6. Andre Kenji says:

    @Janis Gore: Thanks, you are welcome. Although I´m probably the exception to the rule.