How You Know Your Feel Good Trip to the UK isn’t Going as Planned…

Look, I don’t think Romney has lost the election or anything, and likely hasn’t done all that much damage (but he has done some).  But, without a doubt, this isn’t what he was going for when he went to the UK:


Compare that the Obama’s Berlin speech during the 2008 campaign, for example:

Forget one’s partisan preferences. Tell me which one was a more successful campaign trip.

Now, granted, Romney has time to redeem himself, but this was arguably the easiest part of the trip and it can’t be what the campaign wanted or expected.

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  1. Michael Robinson says:

    The Twitter #romneyshambles tag tells you everything you need to know.

    The UK left, right, and center have put aside their partisan differences and united in the common cause of hating on Mitt Romney.

    Not exactly the type of unifying political leadership Romney was hoping to demonstrate, I’m guessing.

  2. @Michael Robinson:

    LOL, the first one that came up for me was:

    “Mitt Romney retroactively cancels visit to London. #RomneyShambles”

  3. “Dear America, It’s OK, we understand. We sent you Piers Morgan so you’ve sent us this clown. Yours, Britain #romneyshambles”

  4. I think you asked earlier if something else was Romney’s “Dukakis in a tank” moment.

    I think maybe this is ‘Mitt the twit

  5. mantis says:

    I’m finding it hilarious how quickly wingnuts are turning on the UK. For the past 3 1/2 years, they have been our MOST IMPORTANT ALLY EVAR!!!1 (except Israel) and Obama has been thoroughly destroying our relationship with them his entire term. How dare he return a statue on loan to the previous administration and insult our bestest friends and all of Western Civilization and Christians and White People, etc.?!!1?!?!2

    Well, they were mean to Mittens, so no it’s screw those wankers! We never liked you anyway!

  6. Mattt says:

    Some clarification on British usage of “twit,” via
    Monty Python.