How to Party Like It’s 1999

In retort to a post by a water engineer named Megan bitching about how lame DC parties are, Ogged offers this retort:

You know what a party shouldn’t have? A theme. I will not go to your be-themed party. I am not six years old. A party should have smart people, a little dressed up–with just enough liquor in them to relax a bit–engaged in witty, flirty banter. It should have space enough and privacy for people to form small groups of the like-minded, in case they want to have slightly more serious conversation, or make plans to see each other again, or to be friends.

There will be no howling.

Word. And it’s not just because I’m old, either. That’s pretty much the kind of parties I liked many, many years ago when I wasn’t.

I’ve actually attended a party or three with many of these people and they were pretty much as Ogged described. I’d recommend they strike Megan from the guest list next time, however.

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James Joyner
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