WaPo reports on the snowballing effects of decisions during weather events. For reasons still unclear to me, the people who run D.C.’s Metro (the subway system) decided yesterday evening that they would stop all service after 11 AM today until further notice. This set off a chain reaction in a city so reliant on public transportation. The federal government closed down, as did DC government. All the area schools closed. This, despite every indication that it wasn’t going to get particularly bad in this area until very late this evening.

It’s 8:15 local time. So far, it’s been a very average rainstorm with some moderate wind. Not by any means the heaviest rains of the season so far.

Meanwhile, the Virginia Tech-Texas A&M game is going on as I type. Outdoors. With people actually sitting in the bleachers watching.

Kevin and Jay are also blogging, a bit more actively.

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