Josh Marshall is none too impressed by Isabella:

Is it April Fool’s? Did I miss the memo? Because as of right now Hurricane Isabel looks like a pretty big #$%@*& joke.

I’m sure she’s bloody murder down in Cape Hatteras, but in DC as of 8:20 PM there’s no rain and what you might generously call a moderate breeze.

It’s not much more than that here in Ashburn, either. Not that that’s a bad thing.

James Joyner
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  1. Ms. Isabel wasn’t too bad down here in Raleigh, NC, but we were on the west side of all the action. A couple of inches of rain and some gusts up to 60 mph here and we only lost power for about an hour.

    Good luck and keep safe. Isabel’s a sneaky one.

  2. Kevin says:

    As you well know it started to act up about 11:30PM. It should be long gone before we wake up. Just saw one of my old Belle View neighbors in a Red Cross shelter on Channel 4. Man am I glad we moved. Of course that was 4 years ago, but even still…

    The biggest danger in Loudoun county? Shoddy construction in some new developments leading to flying siding or leaks. After 4 years our neighborhood has already dealt with those issues.