Well, the wind is strong enough to have awakened me (I’d only been out a few minutes), since rain is beating against my windows. This happens pretty much every time there’s a strong storm here–and this, so far, is probably only the third or fourth strongest since I moved here a little over a year ago. One of the disadvantages of this area over other places I’ve lived is that land is so expensive that housing construction is vertical. With bedrooms on the third floor–and the many windows in every room construction that I otherwise like about modern homes–the effects of weather are particularly noticable at night.

Still, others in the area aren’t faring as well. Two have died on the roads, although what they were doing out there is beyond me–goodness knows they’ve been hyping the storm for eons. And lots of folks are without power including several in Kevin’s old neighborhood. President Bush has declared large parts of Virginia and North Carolina disaster areas.

So far, it’s been only mildly annoying here–it hasn’t even knocked out my DirecTV, which storms almost always do. One of the cats was hiding downstairs behind the couch, but he’s up now since I am. I’ll likely stay up another hour or so and then try to get back to sleep.

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  1. Power is now out as of just after midnight.

  2. James Joyner says:

    All seems well here.