I Guess the Trial is a Snoozer (at Least for the Court Reporter)

Via WSFA:  Corruption trial’s courtroom reporter falls asleep.

See, kids:  trials aren’t as exciting in real life as they are on TV.  Even federal trials involving elected officials and hundreds of thousands of dollars in alleged bribes.

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  1. A voice from another precinct says:

    I got that impression from listening to Marcia Clark’s summation at the OJ Simpson trial when she urged the jury to pay careful attention to what Mr. Simpson said to answer question 173 on page 3784 of the trial transcript.

    No, I don’t actually remember the quote, but the numbers are in the right order of magnitude if I recall correctly. As soon as I realized that the trial transcript seemed to be several thousand pages long, I thought, “she’s doomed; there is no way these people can keep track of this quantity of information.”