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Ok, I’m about two months late in discovering this, but if you’re a gmail user and didn’t know that Google now offers a personalized home page, read on. Otherwise there’s nothing to see here.

To access your personalized page, go to www.google.com/ig, which apparently is some kind of precursor to a future iGoogle. I assume you have to be signed into your gmail account to access this, but in the left column there is a list of categories; just click “add” and the module will appear on your personal page to the right. You can edit each module in limited ways, and you can arrange them by simply dragging and dropping them.

Custom news feeds can be made by clicking on News then Google News, and adding Customized News (enter any search string and you’ll receive Google News updates for that term). Also, you can subscribe to any RSS feed by clicking Create a Section in the left column menu. Since most news sources and pretty much every blog has an RSS feed, the ability to customize is impressive. It’s not as comprehensive as a My Yahoo page at this point, but it’s certainly easier to set up and manipulate.

When you’re finished, just close the left sidebar and enjoy.

Update: Perhaps I sang Google’s praises too soon — after spending about an hour setting up and arranging various RSS feeds, I just went back to my home page and it’s been reset. So perhaps this is an unstable Beta version of what seemed like a great site.

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  1. McGehee says:

    When I read the name iGoogle, iGiggle.

  2. Leopold Stotch says:

    Great, now I can’t stop giggling.

  3. Eric J says:

    I’ve had trouble with it remembering some of my settings also. BTW, you don’t need a gmail account- just setting up a Google account for Google Groups should work as well.

  4. Leopold Stotch says:

    Well, I have to say that my initial excitement is gone. Gmail is much better than yahoo mail, but since yahoo has its own content (stocks, weather, sports, IM), I’ll have to stick with My Yahoo, which can handle RSS feeds as well.

  5. Dumbarse.

  6. When did Rusty get a promotion?

  7. When I joined The Admiral’s Club with my frequent flyer miles. Doesn’t that make me an Admiral?

  8. Leopold Stotch says:

    Only if you also joined the mile-high club.

  9. Please don’t answer that. Too much information.

  10. It might not be unstable. I started it while I was logged in only to Gmail, walked away for a few hours, and it appeared to reset as you said. I then logged in directly from that page and everything was just ducky.