Ilario Pantano On The Daily Show (Video)

Must-see TV:

And here’s a gratuitous link to Pantano’s book Warlord because, well, I can.

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  1. Subsunk says:

    He’s a Man with guts and determination. God Bless him. We need more like him.


  2. Ymarsakar says:

    I just notice that this guy has charisma. He has more charisma than Jon Stewart. His personality is in fact, more magnetic and more powerful on screen than I would have expected, and this is just youtube, not face to face.

    He’s articulate, he’s genuine, and he knows his stuff. In 30 years, he might make a good politician, but right now, he’s selling a book. He’s focused, if you notice he didn’t get phased at all when the audience laughed about Abu Ghraib. He’s focused in the way that people who make snap decisions and don’t feel regret, are focused. Pantano is what Bush should be on screen. Oh well, people make do with what life hands him. Somebody tried to hand Pantano a visit to Leavenworth, he turned it into an economic wunderbar.

    Pantano’s a people person, he knows people. The PTSD fireside chats are just another indication that he believes communication is important. He doesn’t freeze up in combat. He doesn’t second guess himself. He has it all worked out internally and spiritually. If I had a choice of who to fight to death, either him or Zarqawi, I’d pick Zarqawi for the one on one.

  3. XTeacher says:

    Jon Stewart ain’t so bad. . .at least he’s savvy enough to know that he’s licked before he can even comment. I’m a conservative, but I have to admit that I enjoy watching “The Daily Show.” I think that we all forget his brilliant work that immediately followed 9/11. Calling Stewart fair is an overstatement, but he is not there to be fair. He is a comedian and an entertainer. The fact that many on the Left hold him up to be a dragon slayer of the Right just shows how ridiculous the Left has become.

    He treated Pantano with the respect that he deserves, and I noticed no moon-battery coming from him. If he were really the leftist blowhard that we on the right accuse him of being, he would not have even had Pantano on his show to begin with, but he gives the guy a chance to have his say without the constant interruptions and “mau mau”-ing that is so characteristic of the Left’s style of discourse. I don’t think that Stewart was “silenced” by Pantano’s poise. . .he obviously had genuine respect for Pantano and gave a ringing endorsement of the book to boot.

  4. Felix Erazo says:

    I knew Ilario back in 1992 when he was a sniper in our battalion 1st Battalion 6th Marine Regiment. At the time I was a rifleman in Alpha Company, and Ilario was a corporal in STA platoon. Back then we ALL knew he was sharp, charismatic and professional. He was always a classy guy with a noble heart. I only learned of this one day reading the NY Daily News. I contacted him via e-mails and was elated that he beat the charge. All I can say is there aren’t many individuals willing to leave a six figure salary in NYC to serve in the ‘Corps a second time around. I’m extremely happy to see my good friend moving ahead and putting this behind him. The media’s biased reporting of the war in Iraq nearly cost this Marines life and it cost him his career in the ‘Corps. We need more Americans to stop standing behind the Old Glory, and instead stand in front of her.

    Felix Erazo
    Former Lance-Corporal 1/6 USMC
    Semper Fidelis