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Via the LAT: Dream defies loss of limbs

Struck with a ravaging bacterial infection that destroys limbs, she became a triple amputee at age 8 and soon faced a life of prosthetics, wheelchairs and often-painful rehabilitation.

But from that suffering, Lim forged a life of achievement. On Friday, she will graduate from UCLA’s medical school and then will begin a residency program at the medical center there.

A remarkable achievement and a story about the power of determination:

Lim carried out her medical training with a determination that awed her professors and fellow students and won her the school’s top prize for excellence in pediatrics.

Opting not to use a prosthetic arm, she showed that she can perform most medical procedures with one hand, including taking blood and administering injections. She lives on her own in a Westwood apartment with no special features for the handicapped and drives a car with only one adaptation: a turning knob on the steering wheel. She is learning to swim, is trying horseback riding and even went tandem skydiving recently.

Lim, whose legs were amputated about 6 inches below her knees, gave up her wheelchair years ago and walks so well down the long and crowded hospital hallways — with a slightly bouncy stride — that new classmates and patients often don’t have a clue for weeks that artificial limbs fill her shoes and pant legs.

Truly remarkable.

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  1. My older sibling was born with cerebral palsy,poor eyesight, but a great I.Q. He graduated from a university with a Psychology degree, married and had children. He still resides in a wheelchair. Sadly, John is now battling brain cancer…. glioma, a carnivore of a cancer. I hope to see him make the fifty year mark next year.

    But he is just a great guy. I have no use for homeless men with two good legs carrying signs begging for money. I think of my brother, and all he has accomplished despite the hurdles and it makes me very proud, to be his sister.

    Tammy Swofford

  2. LorgSkyegon says:

    My first reaction to the story was “Gee, it’s ironic that her name is Lim”