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U.S. Kills Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda Founder and Leader

A precision drone strike on a balcony in Kabul took out a longtime nemesis.

Fox Tried to Derail the ‘Big Lie’ Before Going All In

Chris Stirewalt takes a victory lap.

Biden ‘Leading from Behind’ on Ukraine

The American President is once again leading the free world.

Bob Dole, 1923-2021

The longtime Senator and Vice Presidential and Presidential nominee is gone at 98.

Nobody Watches Cable News

A media critic argues we pay outsized attention to the goings-on at Fox, MSNBC, and CNN.

Disparate Sentencing of Capitol Rioters

A pattern is emerging.

The Trial Penalty

Exercising Constitutional rights comes with a price.

Jacob Chansley Sentenced to 41 Months for Capitol Riot

The erstwhile QAnon Shaman will spend another three-and-a-half years in jail.

Youngkin, GOP Sweep Virginia

It’s usually more effective to run for something rather than against someone.

Man Killed in Dispute Over Football Game

Disappointment turns to tragedy.

Andrew Yang Quits Democratic Party

His explanation makes no sense. At all.

$4 Trillion for Dignity?

The Democrats are apparently selling their omnibus spending package the wrong way.

The Stupid, Evil Party

It’s not getting any better, folks.

Virginia’s Weird Politics

The Commonwealth is much more diverse than national election returns might indicate.

Start the Steal?

Cries that American democracy is in jeopardy are not hyperbole.

More Census 2020 Takeaways

The trends over the last half century are really something.

COVID Passports Redux

Competing analogies and externalities.

A New Conservative Party?

Some marginal Republican formers are thinking about maybe doing somethingoranother.

The Court Failures Continue to Mount

Almost 50 losses in four weeks,. Impressive.

GOP Fracturing Over Trump

While many are congratulating President-Elect Biden, too many are still following a loser.

Ginsburg, Garland, and Court Packing

Two related discussions.

SCOTUS Refuses to Block Trump’s Illegal Wall

The Supreme Court isn’t taking much of a break this year.

Supreme Court Upholds ‘Faithless Elector’ Laws

States can punish Electors who substitute their judgment for those of the voters.

Woodrow Wilson Disavowed by Princeton

An accomplished racist will no longer be honored by the university.

Justin Amash Running for Libertarian Nomination

The erstwhile Tea Party Republican is making a run for President.

Does Stop-and-Frisk Disqualify Bloomberg for President?

The policy was undeniably harmful and unconstitutional. Is it forgivable?

It isn’t a Dirty Trick to Vote in an Open Primary

The plurality of New Hampshire voters are unaffiliated. Should they all stay at home?

Has the Democratic Race Changed?

Is there a new frontrunner?

lego people crowd lego people crowd

Analysis vs Advocacy

A recurring source of friction in the OTB conversation.

Virginia Putting ERA over the Top?

The Commonwealth is about to become the 38th State to ratify the Nixon-era Amendment.

Macron Calls NATO ‘Brain Dead’ Due To Lack Of U.S. Leadership

French President Emmanuel Macron declared that the NATO alliance is suffering brain death due to President Trump’s neglect and lack of leadership.

Democrats and Republican Converts

It’s not the responsibility of the opposition party to make up for Donald Trump.

Trump Impeachment Likely, Removal Thinkable

For the first time, it’s conceivable that Republicans will turn against the President.

Israeli Election Too Close To Call

As many expected, the initial returns from the Israeli elections are too close to call.

Mueller Doesn’t Deliver

Everything you always wanted in a hearing. And less.

Justin Amash Leaves GOP with BothSides Op-ed

The Republican Party is ruining the country. But so are the Democrats?

Should NeverTrumpers Become Democrats?

A considerable number of Republican have effectively left our party over Donald Trump. Should we go all the way?

Meanwhile, In Russia….

While the American media was paying attention to President travels and travails in Europe, there was another meeting taking place.

Republican Apocalypse … Now?

David Brooks joins the long line of commenters predicting the GOP’s demise.

I’ve Changed, Man

Did I leave the Republican Party or did it leave me? Both.

The Biden Backlash

The early frontrunner for the Democratic nomination is drawing fire from multiple fronts. It may destroy his candidacy before it begins.

Justices Divided on Partisan Gerrymandering

Oral argument hints that we may have a 5-4 ruling allowing state legislatures to continue stacking the deck.

Representative Democracy ‘Not a Day at the Beach’

Nancy Pelosi is tired of Democrats voting to please their constituents.

Alabama Executes Domineque Ray Under Questionable Circumstances

Critics on both the Left and the Right rightly see an injustice here but the US Supreme Court allowed it to happen.

Cold Civil War or Civil Cold War?

The Kavanaugh fight is just another indicator of our national divide.

Sexism in Women’s Tennis?

Recent controversies over rules enforcement have some crying Foul!

Is Trump an Illegitimate President?

Max Boot proclaims “Trump is an illegitimate president whose election is tainted by fraud.”

George Will: Vote Democrat in November

The dean of conservative columnists argues that the Republican Congress must be taught a lesson.