Megan McArdle and Dan Drezner both address the issue of why it is Washington interns are the object of so much, um, interest.

Dan quotes David Plotz: The intern is attracted to the man for obvious reasons:

The interns are young, they’re hormonal, and they’re political junkies. To them, a second-rate congressman looks like Mick Jagger.

And why are the men infatuated? It’s not just because the interns are young and sexy. It’s because the interns still honestly believe in Washington, believe that a congressman is just as important as he thinks he is. In a jaded city, that faith is the rarest and most enticing quality of all.

Sounds about right.

I must note, too, the irony that Megan’s very short post on why she doesn’t care about interns has, so far, garnered 139 comments and 10 TrackBacks–dwarfing any other post currently on her front page.

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