Dick Clark Returns to TV for New Year

Tonight I watched ABC’s coverage of the ball dropping in Times Square, and I have to say that Dick Clark’s agent needs to be fired. Whoever let him appear on camera is more concerned with Dick Clark™ than they are about this man as a human being. I have no idea about the state of his health, but he spoke slowly and sounded like a deaf person, and it was really embarrassing. Here’s a tip: if Carson Daly’s show is less annoying than yours, it’s time to hang it up.

But perhaps it was Clark’s decision to go on tonight, in which case his appearance is even more pathetic, and a perfect example of the infantile narcissism that drives far too many Americans.

Happy New Year?

UPDATE: I posted the following qualifier to some criticism in the comments section:

Ok, the “retarded”€ crack may be beyond the pale, but I don’t see how his appearing on TV not able to speak is a sign of “€œcourage” — either his agents exploiting him or his narcissism clouding his judgment.

And so I stand by my point, that Dick Clark should not have been on television tonight in this condition.

UPDATE 2: This post was originally titled “Is Dick Clark Retarded,” which was pretty tasteless and juvenile on my part and for that I apologize. I’m not one to post for shock value, so I’ve altered the title, but I’m not trying to pretend it never happened.

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  1. Jay says:

    Ah, was he on ABC? That’s the network that doesn’t come in without jumping through hoops, so usually doesn’t get watched. The Carson Daly borefest looked so much like “it’s not run by Dick Clark anymore but we’ll do it anyway and change it enough to make it worse” that I assumed it was the same show sans Clark.

    Good. It made me comment that I missed Dick Clark. Glad it was the wrong channel (even though Clark probably shouldn’t have appeared either way).

  2. Boyd says:

    I’m guessing you haven’t dealt with too many folks post-stroke, eh Leo?

    And I’ll just move on before I have to respond to your “retarded” crack.

  3. Barry says:

    Why is a dumb blog post like that in Google news? Anyway, Dick Clark didn’t speak slowly.

  4. JB says:

    It is shameful that you make such bad comments about Dick Clark, I admire his courage, while I dispise your lack of tact.

  5. JB says:

    It is shameful that you make such bad comments about Dick Clark, I admire his courage, while I despise your lack of tact.

  6. Wait . . . Dick Clark is showing his age? So . . . he’s NOT immortal. Drat, I was going to try to steal the secret to his immortality and make millions. Time for a new plan involving Donald Trump’s hair.

  7. Sonja says:

    Very disrespectful!

  8. Dave says:

    Bravo to Dick Clark. I’ll watch him any year, speech difficulties and all.

  9. Ok, the “retarded” crack may be beyond the pale, but I don’t see how his appearing on TV not able to speak is a sign of “courage” — it’s either his agents exploiting him or his narcissism clouding his judgment.

  10. mike says:

    Ever hear of karma, Leopold? A lot of bad stuff is awaiting you for making that comment. Oh wait it already happen. Your parents named you Leopold. How wonderful………Leopold.

  11. Leo, get a grip.

    Dick Clark considered not doing it, but made the couragous step to do the show. It had nothing to do with how he looked or how he sounded, and everything to do with downright American courage.

    For me, it showed someone who wasn’t going to let a big thing (a stroke) stop him. I’m glad there are at least some in this country who prefer to “go back to work” rather than sit around.

  12. DT says:

    So Mr Leopold Stotch… When YOU have a stroke will you be able to recover and appear in front of a national audience?

    Or will nobody care about you?

  13. JB says:

    No, people don’t have to fit the stereotypical image for appearing on TV. That is part of Dick Clark’s charm. He has always broken the mold. The whole concept of the New Year’s show today is copied over and over. Get a life.

  14. Dave says:

    Just because Dick Clark had a stroke and has difficulty speaking doesn’t mean his is dead or his life isn’t worth living. Let him come to NY and live it up in times square every year, we love him just the same. Do you really value the mans worth by the sound of his voice… you know his mind is still perfect?

  15. Jim Rhoads (vnjagvet) says:

    Or maybe he’s just a famous old man who has reacquired his mental faculties and wants to show the world that he is still alive and is a trouper.

    I am not sure that is narcissism. Just a show of courage for old times’ sake.

    For auld lang syne my dear for auld lang syne.

    Isn’t that in the spirit of the New Year celebration?

  16. Bart says:

    I had no trouble at all understanding him and it takes a good deal of courage to make a comeback like he has. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is an institution and for him to have recovered enough to get back at it is a testament to his fortitude. People shouldn’t be discouraged from working and hidden away because they are disabled.

  17. DE says:

    Great marketing plan. Say something outrageous, get listed and hope forks click on your AdSense.

    Step on anyone for a dollar. Remember, what comes around goes around.

  18. Matt Courter says:

    This was an absolutely ludicrous and utterly disgusting article! It is more than obvious that Dick Clark has worked non-stop to improve his health to the point he is at. This man deserves nothing but respect and admiration for having the courage to broadcast in his condition, knowing full well he would receive gutless criticism as displayed here. His hosting of this special has been an American tradition since 1972. Maybe, just maybe Mr. Clark actually enjoys ringing in the new year with all of us and it is, in fact not infantile narcissism that drove him to such bravery this New Year’s Eve. Way to go Dick Clark! Great to have you back. God bless and happy new year.

  19. Michelangelo says:


    Spot on, Old Chap! In an age where minor blemishes are considered major breakdowns in image management, why subject yourself to blog abuse and days/weeks of “Entertainment Tonight” scrutiny??? What the Hell, Richard? Afraid of a few “Dick” jokes??? Surely you’re more man than that!!! Do yourself and your generation a favor, hand the sad reigns over to Ryan Semencrust and enjoy your millions in whatever tawdry, salacious way the National Enquirer deems best! Screw “courage,” my man, leave that to the poor schleps in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  20. Donna says:

    I hope that if some major medical event happens to you, your friends and family are a whole lot more understanding and accepting than you are.

    Dick Clark is a brave man.

    He doesn’t hide behind his blog…..

  21. Jamie Coyne says:

    Dick Clark is an ICON. It was great seeing Dick Clark tonight. It was something we wondered if we would ever see again. He works very hard. Tonight had to be very exhausting – but how wonderful we got to experience him once again. Thanks to Dick for that. He is a producer and a personality – and a true professional. Mariah Carey was an excellent choice too. Dick Clark is also a terrific person. I’m not convinced that Ryan Seacrest is the right guy to ‘succeed’ Dick. A likely candidate (LA Radio, Top 40 Countdown etc.) But Dick is a genuine person. Seacrest just seems like a suit on TV. Plastic, boring. As a producer Dick knows it’s not about HIM. It’s about the event, the moment, the show. And most importantly about the viewer and the people. People are what he captured with American Bandstand. Real People. And in Time Square – you capture the same thing – real people. However Seacrest and the other sidekicks didn’t seem to get that – or least convey it. They seemed too worried about the cameras, their make up and their hair. Just my opinion.

    Dick Clark Productions should have paused before (event making it a TV event) before passing the torch. Dick’s not going anywhere yet.

    God Bless, and Happy New Year to all…

    Jamie Coyne
    Elvii Radio Rocks!

  22. Bithead says:

    As a broadcaster, I know very well what it would mean to me to be doing something for 25 are 30 years and then for health reasons not be able to do it anymore. I’d be fighting like hell to get myself back in the saddle again. I agree that it’s sad to see him in the condition that he’s gotten to. but I was glad to see him doing what he loves doing nonetheless. My hat is off to him.

  23. Todd says:

    What! Surely didn’t just write retarded in the title just to get attention. Surely you had something interesting to say. Surely you understand that retarded means slow, anyone smart enough to write bad things about an infirmed and recovering icon should surely know that. Instead of using it as an insult consider that it is not an insult. To retard is to slow. My brother Andrew has Downs, he is mentally retarded. He is mentally slow, not whatever you think the word means. Go back to your hole and stop writing about things you cannot comprehend.

  24. Clark`s Long Dick says:

    Dick Clark is now OLD ENOUGH to be FATHER TIME. What an OLD MAN. Dick Clark is no longer the eternal teenager of American Bandstand. ABC was BRAVE for putting him on, but the ABC execs were probably cringing at the sight of him and sound of him with his slurring voice and his miscounting too fast. He didn’t sound too bad, but somewhat looked okay for what he’s been through. However, Dick Clark is now FATHER TIME and SHOULD NO LONGER be on TV.

  25. You ALL are IDIOTS says:


  26. Rob says:

    For me, the saddest part of the first few hours of 2006 is the fact that after watching Dick Clark on ABC tonight, I googled his name to view print coverage of the event in the New York papers, only to find this objectionable blog titled “Is Dick Clark Retarded?” in the midst of all the CREDIBLE news coverage about his appearance.

    As a voiceover artist and former employee of ABC Radio, I was inspired by Mr. Clark’s fortitude in the face of such adversity.

    And, as someone who relies on command-of-vocal-strength, diction & articulation to make a living, I am personally offended by Leopold Stotch’s commentary.

    Among the irresponsible and insensitive statements that Mr. Stotch made about a recovering stroke victim, he said:…”he spoke slowly and sounded like a deaf person, and it was really embarrassing.”

    In truth,what’s REALLY embarrassing is that Mr. Stotch’s blog appears on Google with such undeserving prominence for all the world to see.

  27. Me Here says:

    Retarded? More like hilarious! The more we drank, the funnier he got. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Mumblin’ Eve is my new tradition. When he’s finally gone I hope he’s replaced by someone with an even funnier speach impediment. Hairlips in Times Square or MS in Manhattan would be priceless.

    And no, he shouldn’t be doing this anymore. People without legs are not olympic track stars so why should those with speach issues be announcers for any reason other than comedic value? There is such a thing as growing old gracefully and realizing your limitations. I bet if he had become senile instead of having a stroke he would refuse to stop driving his car and wind up in an accident. There’s a fine line between pride and stupidity.

  28. Faith says:

    It was refreshing to see him again speech or no speech issues. And wow “that kiss”, post stroke and all at his age, I’m sure he gets more attention from the female gender than you ever will receive!!!!

  29. ES says:

    I can’t believe this conversation was even started – what do you mean ‘Is Dick Clark retarded’? If a foul-mouthed rap singer had suddenly had a stroke and asked to perform during a New Year’s telecast, he would have been considered ‘a hero’ for stepping back on stage, and many saying ‘why can’t we all be more like him’ – but someone like Dick Clark, who has been an American Icon in television for so many years, a near-perfectionist who is envied by his peers, and has been highly charismatic and successful in his career, has somehow ‘fallen from grace’ to the label of a retard.

    Any American who could look at someone like Dick Clark with that kind of disrespect needs their head examined.

    It took enormous energy and courage to stand up in front of millions of viewers after his physical difficulties. He did just fine tonight – no idiot would expect him to recover 100% following a severe stroke.

    And to Dick Clark – Happy New Year! Thanks for ringing in a new year for us one more time… and best wishes for many more to come.

  30. Nicholas Smith says:

    In hopes of not sounding redundant, I’ll just say that although I was shocked to realize what Dick Clark went through via hearing him tonight, I’m glad he was able to get back up there. He practically owns Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve (hence his name in the title) and chose to do the show apparently after long consideration. He has to take responsibility for his own actions and realize the repercussions.

    I think one of the repercussions of his decision is the writing of almost-pointless and gross articles like this one. I agree with a previous post that said that one shouldn’t give up because of a disability. Although listeners no doubt felt slighly uncomfortable, we must accept that we are human beings and it is our nature not to give up.

    Get well Dick, and we’ll see you next year, God willing.

  31. Ima Pseudonym says:

    Dick was happy as a pig in shit. It was heartbreaking to watch but certainly where he wanted to be. You should hope to be as strong if faced with that one day.

  32. Mayor McCheese says:

    he’s recovering from a stroke, asshole.

  33. Me Here 2 says:

    I agree with Me Here. Yes, it’s great that Dick Clark has obviously come a long way from last year. However, to give him so many speaking parts during the show was a poor judgement call. If he would have been on once or twice, or made a special appearance during the countdown, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But everytime he came on, it was uncomfortable to hear, and for me, he was difficult to understand. The fact that he came on so many times made me think it was on his insistence, and that he went against the better judgement of others. Like he doesn’t want anyone to take over the show or something. At the end of the show, he asked Ryan Seacrest “what kind of view do you have” but I thought he said “what kind of food do you have?” I expected to see Ryan with a platter of chimichangas or something. I honestly felt bad poor Dick.

  34. Dick Clark is the best! says:

    Dick Clark is the best! The very best!

  35. ES says:

    Some many not appreciate Dick Clark’s history and background in TV – and that’s OK. Not everyone necessarily likes Dick Clark.

    But look at it this way – what if you had a loved one that was really good at a job or skill — and that same loved one went through a sudden and severe illness. After some recovery, regardless of their age or condition… if that person wanted to get back to ‘doing what they do best’, would you protect them and ‘keep them from it’ to avoid the possible embarrassment from other’s ridicule? Or, would you give them the opportunity to return to what they enjoyed most for some sense of fulfillment – regardless of the consequences? How would you feel if your loved one was called ‘retarded’ for not being up to par prior to illness?

    For those who side with Clark being ‘retarded’: If you are honest with yourself, only then will you realize how stupid this topic/thread really is.

  36. Corey says:

    You’re an absolute fuck.

    I hope you die in 2006. Then, they drag your carcass on television in some sort of show of dignity…cause you had none in your living years.

    Fuck off.

  37. The No says:

    It was a bad idea for ABC to give Clark so much speaking time. Although, it was good to see him back in the groove of things, His current condition plucked at the heart strings which kinda put a damper on the New Years party I was at.

  38. Clark Dick says:

    Narcissism is exactly the right word. Broadcasting is supposed to be about entertaining an audience. This was all about an incoherent centimillionaire entertaining himself by forcing a nation to watch him mumble. ABC, Dick Clark, and everyone in his organization should be embarassed by that spectacle.

    For those who are critical of why this comes up on Google News: this blog entry is the only honest assessment of that Rockin’ disaster on the web, apparently. The so-called news stories on this event are absolutely delusional, praising Mr. Clark and porcine “diva” Moo-riah Carey, who slowly strutted her massive girth across the stage while poorly lip-syncing some horrible song.

    The whole show was a total suckfest, and this crap about Clark’s “courage” has to stop. Following this logic, let’s give every job in the world to some kid from the Special Olympics, because it will be such a wonderfully entertaining experience to watch them struggle through simple tasks with such mongoloid determination. Hey, if the plane goes down and I get my neighbor’s dildo order in the mail, it’s a small price to pay for “respecting” the “differently-abled” as they try new professions.

    If you actually want competent people to do things, the response from the idiotic sympathy crowd is now: “well, haven’t you had a relative who had whatever malady, wouldn’t you want them to succeed.” Listen: your unfortunate proximity to stroke victims and/or retards does not qualify you to claim incomprehensible mumbling is now communication. I’ve had my share of suffering, but what the hell does that have to do with unwatchable TV?

  39. Michael Winstrom says:

    Before making absurd comments on the Internet please check your facts. Mr. Clark’s appearance on “New Years Rockin’ Eve 2006” was ultimately decided by himself, not his agents. Despite not being 100% Mr. Clark gave it his all and did a wonder full job co-hosting the show.

    Michael Winstrom
    Dick Clark Productions – Public Relations Coordinator

  40. Vern says:

    I don’t understand why these old actors insist on hanging on, most of them are ugly when they get old, they should just retire at the right time like Johnny Carson did, when they are still looking good. It promotes a better memory.

  41. Deborah Vilage says:

    How dare you criticize Dick Clark.
    He is very brave for doing the show.
    I hope if I ever have a stroke (God Forbid)
    that I have a tenth of his courage.

  42. D.J. says:

    Wow man, way to be an insensitive jerk.

  43. Dick Clark says:

    An open letter:

    I’d like to apologize to the poor bastard who had to type the closed captions for my show. Your guesses at my mumbles were mostly on the mark, but I did not discuss “New Year’s Restitutions” or say the show was “New Year’s Strokin’ Eve.”

    To this blogger who implied I was “retarded”:

    I am certainly not retarded. Any retard with a performance like that would have had the common retard sense to run off the stage.

    -Dick Clark

    P.S. Please visit my Dick Clark Restaurants, where the pork chops are served rare by a blind guy who can’t read a thermometer, but we all admire his courage. He really wants to do his job, so we should all defer to him. We think you’ll find the trichinosis a small price to pay.

  44. Kissit says:

    Anyone who makes fun of Dick Clark is a pathetic human being. Making humor that he sounded “retarded” only shows your own mental inadequacies. Then again, I’m sure that is only one of many inadequacies of a person who has nothing better to do than blog on New Year’s Eve. Go drink something under the sink.

  45. david bird says:

    The more I see of humans like Leo, the more I prefer the company of animals.

  46. david bird says:

    Unfortunately, by commenting on Leo’s blog, we are giving this shallow and pathetic jerk the attention he so desperately craves.

  47. Dave J says:

    F Cock Clark and the horse he rode in on…..Retard

  48. Alice says:

    Your arrogant comments will come back to bite you. I have never been a fan of Dick Clark but at some point in your life you will find that people who have suffered strokes, cancer, etc. that are life threatening will fight with every ounce of strength they have. I doubt Mr. Clark will be back next year, but allow him to bask in his efforts to be a normal person again.
    Yes, his voice was slow and the cameras kept a
    faraway view of the man, but he was able to be there and do something he loved doing. Don’t make fun of him, you may be there someday.

  49. Dave says:

    I just had an Uncle die from complications from his third stroke. He had been battling this dreaded medical condition for the last three years with the help of his wonderful loving wife and family. Every word he uttered during that time was a treasured gift.
    You sir, are a disgrace. I hope you and your family never have to deal with the life changing challenges that come with being a stroke survivor. You should thank God every day that you never have to deal with such a cruel medical condition.

  50. LEO SUCKS! says:

    Leo is just a pathetic loser and he will never have one tenth the career that Dick Clark had. Leo is just a person who lashes out at others because he hates himself. Go back under the rock that you crawled out from, Leo.

    You will not like it when they make fun of you and bash you when you get old. You have no heart because you are not human. No one respects you because you respect no one. Go slither away, you spineless snake. A real man would not stoop so low to make fun of someone with a stroke just to get people to read his blog. What a jerk!

  51. Although I don’t agree with the level of vitriol being leveled at you, I do think your observations were without class and clearly out of bounds, Leo.

    Many of us grew up with Dick Clark on our television screens and he started ABC’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”, so if he wants to come on the air for a total of 2 minutes for what will likely be his last time, then I, for one, would afford him the opportunity.

    It was sad, however, to see “America’s oldest teenager” suffer from one of the conditions that commonly occur in older people. Although it was encouraging to see how far he’s progressed in speaking again after his stroke, I must admit that I would have prefered to remember him from earlier, more vibrant appearances.

  52. Jo says:

    And people wonder why I don’t watch anything but Fox?

  53. Carlo says:

    Actually, you could understand almost all of what he said. But more importantly, his gusto was all there and then some. Instead of scaling back his lines to just a token appearance, he just went at it as if nothing had happened to him. I liked that and hope he comes back next year.

  54. Leopold.

    I feel very sorry for you. I really don’t know what could have happened to you to make you so angry. I wonder what you said about Chistopher Reeve when he was fighting his battle. Dick Clark is courageous and has done a great job fighting back. The New Year is about more than getting drunk and making stupid statements on the net, its about New Beginnings and Hope. I think Dick Clark appearing was more than appropriate, it was a necessity. For those of us with intelligence we recognize why he did the show. I hope that when something as tragic happens to someone in your family you are more respectful.

  55. Vince Dragonetti says:

    This “news” I find thru Drudge to read this crap about Clark? The majority have spoken on your uneducated closed minded statement. Talking about someone that will do anything for headlines…what a jackass to call him what you did. This is proof that freedom of speach is alive and well…and so are the pay backs. Someone did toss “karma” back to you…

  56. Marc says:

    LMAO!!!! You shouldn’t back off on the retarded comment. HE DID SOUNDED HORRIBLE!!! I mean honestly. The guy would start talking and it would be all downhill from there. Eventually it started sounding like his was stumbling over his own lips. The guy is not ready for television and I knew the man personally I would have had a very difficult time watching.

    But alas, I don’t know the man and he has way more money and success than I’ll probably ever have so instead I immediately pressed record on the TiVo and each time he talked I rewound over and over again laughing my ass off with my roommate.

  57. sir duke says:

    dick ckark is not retared…how dare you say such a thing. i saw him last night and i belive he sounded like he had one too many. he was simply drunk not retarded. my gosh it was new years eve, give him a break…dick clark has a right to be drunk like anyone else albeit not very profesional.

  58. dasiy says:


  59. VC says:

    Dick Clark DOES show great courage. His performance was an inspiration to me, and I hope he comes back next year, speaking even better. You are very ignorant.

  60. Be4Real says:

    It’s too obvious, Leo–only a “retard” would insult someone who is recovering from a stroke, or any other sick person.

    Or maybe your premise is that Mr. Clark should not have been on TV because he doesn’t look and sound perfect.

    That’s exactly the point–now that he has gone public, millions of viewers can see the
    serious health consequences of a stroke.

    Also, I think this was his farewell address. Unless he improves I doubt he will return to host, except for a brief appearance perhaps.

    After providing us with years of entertainment, allow the man a graceful exit, Leo.

  61. connie says:


  62. dobie says:

    i saw dick clark last night and was very offended. he should of been taken off the air for being so drunk.

  63. norman says:

    There was absolutly no excuse for Dick Clark’s behavior last night. The man should be fired and go yo AA for his obvious drinking problem.
    You let us down Dick Clark!

  64. Rob says:

    How funny that “Marc” above at 8:05, in agreeing with the “retarded” comments about Dick Clark, posted that, “He did sounded horrible.”

    Who’s the retarded one, Marc or Dick Clark?

    At least Dick went out for New Year’s Eve. Marc stayed at home playing with his TiVo and his roommate.

    Who’s more pathetic, Marc or Dick Clark?

  65. darin says:

    i thought dick clark had a stroke…are you saying he was just drunk? that is disgraceful. the man must have no respect for his fans.
    he should go to AA.

  66. Rob says:

    Wow, now some clever person is use a bunch of names to claim that Dick was drunk.

    Is there no end to wit on this board?

    Leave the comedy to the professionals.

  67. geody says:

    maybe dick clark was indeed drunk…but i think his slopy work last night was really because he just dosn’t care anymore.

  68. Stephen says:

    Maybe not DIck, but SOMEBODY was retarded. It was embarassing and difficult to watch.

    The entertainment industry is so self-congradulatory, and full of it’s self. Anything to get the “numbers” up. Nothing you see is real and everything shoved at us is just product, not true “artistry” or talent. They would have propped him up with a gaping head wound or worse, a real bad case of stomach flu! HA! Wouldn’t that have been a site, countdown between hurls!

  69. Herb Starr says:

    Clark, much like a sick Pope,
    would have preserved his iconic
    status better had he simply
    waved to the throngs and sat
    on his hands for the rest of it.

    All of us crave to remember
    Dick at the top of his game:
    Perennially young, consummate

    His labored speech and shaggy
    looks served only to remind us
    that the Reaper will take us all.

  70. mimi2jac says:

    You are a jackass! You are the most insensitive person ever!

    In his own comments, this man looked forward to hosting the show. He worked long and hard to get where he is. Personally, I think he did an incredible job!

    Your comments make me sick!

  71. marlene says:

    yo…dick clark was not drunk he had a stroke you moron. however i do agree he should be fired because a stroke is no excuse for the way be behaved last night. totally unprofesional.

  72. W R says:

    Dick Clark is an inspiration to all who have suffered a disability. Bravo..Dick~

  73. Jen says:


    You are an insensitive, rude, ignorant moron. The poor man had a stroke and has been reteaching himself to walk and talk. This was like a coming out party for him and he is proud of his progress. *shakes head* Somebody should pull the plug on you.

  74. Ticked Off says:

    What the hell is wrong with you? I can’t believe people like you exist. It’s surely a mistake that I stumbled across this site.

    I can’t wait to read some of the other crap you’ve posted. It’s New Year’s Day, I’m hungover, and I need some toilet reading. It’s brainless things like your writing which make me realize that I am blessed to be the type of person who NOT like (and never will be) you.

  75. dogma says:

    from what i here is that dick clark can talk perfectly normal…he was only pretending to be a stroke victim because of sagging ratings. he is a smart guy and all he knows is the bottom line. he put on that performance last night because he knew the ratings would go thru the roof.

  76. F OFF says:

    Let’s hope 2006 brings you a stroke so you can appreciate what Dick Clark has gone through and his struggle back you incensitive prick.

  77. ace says:

    i agree with dogma…a big act to get ratings!
    dick clark completly recovered from that minor stroke lat year. there is nothing wrong with the man except an apitite for attention.

  78. Brian says:

    Wait, are YOU retarded, Leopold? I don’t think you should have your own blog. Have you even written ABC yet to voice your complaint?

  79. hale says:

    there is no business like stroke business.

  80. Rich says:

    My own father had a stroke three years ago before it killed him nine days later. So, I know firsthand the horror of having a loved one who falls to such a terrible illness. Leo’s comments are truly TASTELESS. They don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel; they ARE the bottom of the barrel. Dick Clark should be commended for putting his ego aside to host his show. His speech may have been hard to understand, but I was still glad to have seen him on TV one more time. Shame on you, Leo. I can only hope that you, or your loved ones, don’t have a stroke.

  81. MikeD says:

    Wow. Butters, it seems as if many people read the google tagline and launched right into a personal attack on you. Dick Clark should NOT have been on tv last light, and those people who though it was “refreshing”, “courageous”, or whatever else pc comment they’ve made, get over it. the man f’ed up the damn count. HE F’ED UP THE COUNT. i think that should maybe be a qualifier for counting down. i wish dick clark the best, yes he is an icon, and i doubt he be alive for next year, so the point is sort of moot.

  82. bkm says:

    While the use of the word “retarded” is inappropriate, the sentiment is not. Watching the former television icon mumble was disconcerting and uncomfortable. It would have been nice to allow him to pass the torch or bow out gracefully, but producers gave hime WAY too much screen time to showcase his infirmities. I was reminded of the disappointment I felt when boxing legend Muhammed Ali “fought” a kickboxer on all-fours. An unnecessary stain on an otherwise sterling reputation.

    The show was an embarrassing summary of bad decisions all around. Nice sentiment, perhaps, but painful to watch. Clark made his bones as a hip, glib, insightful showman…to put him in the situation he was in last evening was inappropriate. Thumbs down.

  83. Up your ass...too.... says:

    You are an ASSHOLE…

  84. Kathy says:

    I have to agree with you Leopold I was very uncomfortable with Dick Clark doing New Years. I know he has worked hard and all of that but there’s a time and place for everything and I didn’t feel this was it. It was depressing not motivational. Regardless of how shallow it seems I like to think of the New Year’s as being Bright and fresh. This sadden me because it was too close to watching a family member who has had a stroke try to struggle thru a birthday party.
    If you have a lifetime of perfect memories why mar it with this one of you struggling thru this.

  85. dc says:

    dick clark passed away in his sleep this morning at 8:35am. he wiill be missed.

  86. vance stroup says:

    98% of the comments should tell you somthing Leopold. Most of us Love Dick Clark and we don’t like your comment.

  87. josh says:

    oh my gosh, it’s all over fox news. i feel so bad. dick clark was 76. heart failure.

  88. Loislanee says:

    His return was a milestone for him — and us. You, Leo, have a lot to learn about humanity and I hope you never have to learn it by having to recover from a stroke. But, think about it. If you ever are in the position, how would you feel about such disgusting criticism? Dick Clark is a treasure. We love him.

    What have you given the world?

  89. toby says:

    with dick clark’s passing this is an end of an era. i am so sorry, my kids are even crying.

  90. Jenn says:

    Oh good greif. First drinking and now death. Who are these fake posting fools?

  91. Jon Lachonis says:

    One thing is for you. You are retarded. Only somebody with serious brain damage would strike out at the afflicated. You need to find a topic.

  92. bobo says:

    To those who declare that Dick Clark’s “courage’ was the reason for him to be shamefully displayed in front of the world while slurring and sometimes grunting unintellegibly, the real reason??? Entertainers and celebrities would east shit if they got media coverage from it. A person with some sort of dignity would see that the time for staying home with the family and living the rest of one’s life in privacy supercedes inflated egos of their peers i.e; the Dick Clarks of the world.

  93. ab says:


  94. Dunn says:

    This article was obviously just for shock value and to serve for getting enough hits to move up the ladder on the Google search. I think the author is suffering from a bit of narcissism himself. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but there are also folks like Leopold who abuse it in very selfish self serving ways. I discourage anybody from responding to the article, it will just keep it in the spotlight..

  95. ben says:

    stop lashing out at dick clark. let the asshole rest in peace!

  96. seacrest out says:

    my humble advise to dick clark…grow up…stop slurring your speech and straighten up. be a man!

  97. Roger Ailes says:

    Did Dick sound any worse than Rita Cosby does every day on MSNBC? Seriously, she sounds like she’s running a marathon every time she tries to complete a sentence.

  98. realitychecker says:

    Disgraceful article, Leopold. You should be ashamed of yourself for your insensitivity.

  99. Leopold, this post was just so wrong…

    To many of the idiot commenters who’ve joined in the choir, I feel sorry for you and your ignorance.

    To the poster that said, “Broadcasting is supposed to be about entertaining an audience.” Duh… No it’s not. Broadcasting is supposed to be about getting information, entertainment, a story, whatever it may be, to a large audience so that we can all engage in it. A large part of broadcasting is entertainment, but news should not be turned into entertainment (alas, most of the decline in good broadcast news is that the news organizations have crossed the line into entertainment in an effort to get more of a market share for themselves.)

    Dick Clark kicks ass for having gotten out there and once again has given America the best that he possibly can. He was largely intelligible and intelligent and at first I asked, “Why does he sound like that?” and then a friend reminded me that he had a stroke. At which point I said, “Well he’s doing pretty well considering! Good for him!”

    For the rest of you that think that he should not have been “allowed” on TV because you expect something better than that, well, you just plain suck. Realize that this world isn’t about you and doesn’t cater to what works best for you. Talk about narcissisism. Jeesh.

    I hope to see Dick next year also, if he so chooses, and I hope the network gives him the respect that he’s earned many times over. Especially when he’s still willing to give so generously to us.

  100. Bill Kramer says:

    It is wiodelu known in the industry that Dick CXlark is one of the unnecessarily nasty, mean-spirited men in show business. It was good to see him get his due. He is sick inside and out.

  101. me again says:

    the only reason dick clark was on last night was because of his untamed ego. i even heard “seacrest out” say…can you repeat that please…and…come again?

  102. Mark Spangler says:

    Initially I was shocked by Clark’s condition. I did not know what to expect in light of his stroke last year, but I felt that he would have been in better condition.

    Having said that, however, as we caught more glimpses of him throughout the broadcast, I felt better about it. Clark’s intellect was clearly not impaired by the stroke since the only lingering affects had to do with his physical state. Overall, I felt his appearance was fine although it looked as if the right side of his body was immobile.

    To refer to him as “retarded” is not only insulting but insensitive and to assert that he should not have been “allowed” on the broadcast is totally whacked. I’m not sure if his production company ran the show again this year, but Clark is THE BOSS when it comes to this show. He can do what he wants.

    As a man who has been alive, vital, energetic and in the public eye for 50 years on television, can you imagine how difficult it was for him to go on the air? Can you fathom how hard it must have been for him to prepare for his limited, but well recieved appearances?

    That, my friend, is courage… to have hid away and drifted away would have been easy, though an acceptable thing to do. Clark continues to FIGHT.

    God bless him… hope to see him even better next year in Times Square.

  103. love says:

    bill kramer is right…for those in the know…dick clark is a complete asshole…a very nasty guy…and a selfish one…he refuses to give to any charity….he even used to steal his own kid’s candy.

  104. Bummed Out says:

    To me it was very exciting to find that Dick is recovering well from his stroke, however, the downside of his stroke is that I can’t say that Dick Clark’s Rocking Eve sucks ass anymore….to me it always did… but somehow I can’t say it anymore… is he now off-limits, or it it self-censorship?

  105. Nick Trop says:

    There is such a thing as “mean-spirited” and “inappropriate”. Are you enjoying the attention, assclown? You’re no better than the likes of Ann Coulter.

    If you think that Clark should not have appeared given his condition, or >speculate

  106. kgregory says:

    My question after reading your post on Google News is how James Joyner could let you post on his blog which generally is intelligent and thoughtful. Why don’t you see what this guy wrote on his site and think about it.

  107. charles says:

    i hope somebody gets a tape of dick clark’s peformance last nite and plays it back to him so dick clark can fire himself!
    dick clark’s shoddy performance last nite was disgraceful. he sounded like a drunk retard.

  108. rob says:

    Well well, the best and worst in people have come out again in the comments I have read.
    Got to hand it to Dick Clark for his courage. He has unknowningly done Stroke Sufferers and Advocated for Healthier Living more than he knows.
    In the past when someone had a Stroke they would be put on the side lines and forgot about. This is a shameful aspect of our society.

  109. Billy Beck says:

    Mr. Winstrom — I have never been a fan of the labor theory of value. I don’t care how hard someone works on their mud-pies: mud-pies are not valuable to me. I have no doubt that Mr. Clark “gave it his all,” but that doesn’t qualify. If sincerity of effort were a proper standard, then we might never have known of him for his career being short-circuited back in the years when performance was the standard. We might have been faced, instead, by someone who could not have approached the benchmark that he went on to set, but was nonetheless sincere at “giving it [their] all”.

    I wish him the best, but it’s also what I expect from people who do what he does. That’s not what we saw last night.

  110. Lisa says:

    If the point of your blog was merely to share that you didn’t want to see Dick Clark on TV, why did you resort to such juvenile tactics and personally attack him? Mr. Clark acknowledged his condition while on camera, so you needn’t have pointed out his difficulty in speech in such a coarse manner. He is an intelligent and ambitious man. Many wanted to see him, out of concern, caring, and yes, curiousity.
    Long the force behind the Rockin’ Eve, it was HIS vision and ambition that brought that program, and others, to young TV viewers. Times have changed, yes, but last night was the opportunity to acknowledge and respect him for his work: the forerunners for MTV, VH1 and other musical entertainment programming.
    Whether or not you wanted to see him on TV, personally attacking him with such low-brow taunts is, as you commented, “beyond the pale.” If watching him bothered you, you could have mentioned it and humorously critiqued the other New Year’s programming. But you didn’t, and that’s what is so disturbing. I doubt you thought about how your words could and would affect others.
    Your brief blog entry was cruel and showed a lack of empathy and compassion. Think about your readers – and think about your subject.
    You are not in charge of programming at ABC, you don’t own controlling interest in Dick Clark Productions, and until you have accomplished and endured what Mr. Clark has (or you take time to consider his past and present), I respectfully suggest that you find a more suitable target for your tacky tirades against humankind, especially when humanity fails to meet your exacting entertainment standards.

  111. blong says:

    retarded? this blog is just that. unlike clark you’re a waste of space and time. least when you get your stroke i’m hoping we have the luck you can’t recover.

  112. Adam Peepers says:

    I know he was going to sound like that. We hadn’t seen him in an year, and like Kirk Douglas, Dick Clark is a tough, old, guy, but a stroke is a devistating thing to happen. I am sure he made the decision to do it. He should be commended, not insulted for surviving what was obviously a quite serious stroke.

    It made me a bit sad to hear him, but it was the most potent moment of what was otherwise a lifeless corporate production, designed to be viewed as drunken as possible.

    And Leopold Stotch, I don’t know if you’re a retard, you are am ass of epic scale. There will be a day when your body falls apart, you’re allowed to fester and die in pool of your own juices, having driven away anyone who ever gave a shit about you by calling Dick Clark a retard.

  113. I’m not sure why this would show up in google news, because it is certainly not news, but just ones fucked up opinion! What a looser you are for talking about Dick Clark that way. I’m sure when you have a stoke no one will care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Tofu says:

    Typical. Forget progress, being humble, and learning from mistakes. Instead, praise a man who clearly shouldn’t be in his profession any longer, and should have had the grace to step down.

    Ringing in the NEW year with an 87 year old man stuggling to speak was the most unnerving television in YEARS.

    Yes, Dick Clark is retarded. And so are all of the golden idol worshippers here.

  115. motionblur says:

    People here are talking of karma. Has anyone forgotten how Dick Clark screwed over so many artists in the early days of rock and roll? I think Dick is getting a taste of karma right now.

  116. mike says:

    Talk about Exploiting, I never heard of you until you glommed onto Dick Clark’s fame.

  117. Stacy says:

    To everyone who negatively commented on Dick Clark:

    I am 22 year old medical professional and I myself and appalled by your lack of understanding. I see daily those who arrive in our hospital depreciating the value of human life through drugs, alcohol or whatever means they choose. Yet there are always the people from infant to adulthood who struggle and fight for their life until they no longer can. So for any of you to comment about someone’s physiological impairment and degrade their character, I would question whether or not you should look in the mirror at yourself. What causes you to be such a cold-hearted, insensitive and uncaring person? Does it make you feel more accomplished to belittle others? All I can pray is that in the coming year God can show you the love, care and devotion necessary to bring some of the aforementioned emontions into your life, sadly I am unsure if a lifetime would be enough for such a challenging revealation. It takes an enormous amount of strength for those challenged in any capacity to display the weaknesses of any disease, whether slurred speech or any other side effect. To use the word retarded in today’s society is childish, dumbfouding and absolutely reflective of the person muttering the word rather than those targeted with its harsh undertones. To those who positively commented, thank you for your loving, caring and understanding expressions and for knowing what truly defines the meaning behind human life. To those who negatively commented, you are going through life blinded by your own insolent ways, and I pray for you, your family and friends that you become a better person before God forbid anything debilitating happens to you or someone you love, and some would deem you or them “retarded”….

  118. Lloyd Jeebus Crite says:


    Did you ever read the story in the bible about God being denied his fruity breakfast cereal?

    Wait! That was the Trix rabbit. I get them confused because they’re both fake.


  119. Hillary Duff says:

    Did anyone notice the following exchange:

    Hillary Duff: “So let’s right now check in at Times Square. How’s everything going over there guys?”

    Dick Clark: “…It’s going great Nan JuJu..”

    What was that???? I have it on video and I’ve re-played it 300 times.

  120. sam says:

    just because dick clark had a stroke doesn’t give him the right to bring in the new year and depress us all by acting like a drunken retard.

  121. Rick Dias says:

    Dick Clark is an American icon. He has devoted his life to the success of many stars and their fine talent. He has been the sponsor of so many great entertainers. He has not only been a host over the decades but a producer of many fine shows. I welcome his return and honor his courage and stamina.

    To those unkind souls and their uneducated comments, I say this. Life is a learning experience that will in the end allow you to realize just how brave one has to be to cope. Life is a wonderful teacher in that regard. You will not be exempt from these type trials.

    Wishing Mr Clark, a true brave American, many happy New Years to come. Rock ON!

  122. Joannne Donaldson says:

    All I have to say about the whole thing is.You ROCK Dick, The hell with them shallo minded people. See you again on the ball dropping in 2007 We Love and admire you,so very much
    B -n- J of Ky

  123. Peggy says:

    Leopold, you need to get a life and remove yourself from the stinking, selfish bubble you live in now. What kind of a moronic idiot would write something so ignorant when a man is trying to recover from a life threatening illness. You are disgusting. Rock on Dick Clark. We love you.

  124. life says:

    Peggy…you are disgusting…what… are you on the rag?

  125. peggy says:

    no i am not on the rag…i am a very pretty and sexy 20 year old girl that you could never have…my period is not until 2 weeks from today.

  126. Fredo says:

    He was two seconds behind the count, said, “Happy 3006”, and then when Hilary Duff sent it back to him asking how’s it going, Dick said, “Great Aunt JuJu”. Aunt JuJu? Happy 3006? Stroke or not stroke, whoever it was who sat in the anchor desk on ABC’s New Year’s show had no clue what he was doing. Would anyone want to see Reagan with alzheimer’s as President? (some may contend he had it while in office). How about watching Ali fight with Parkinson’s? None of the comments mean we don’t sympathize with those who are afflicted. Why they attempt to do what they once used to in front of a national television audience is the sad part. What is even sadder is those defending these ex-greats with comments such as “pride” and “courage”. It takes no courage to suck in front of 30 million people. It takes courage and pride to step down and not perform at such a low level when you and the rest of the world is used to a much better effort.

  127. Bob Yuna says:

    You moron. Mr. Clark is recovering from a severe stroke about a year and a half ago. You probably also got a good laugh when Kirk Douglas received his Oscar a couple of years ago, with speech effects from his stroke.

    Why don’t you go down to the stroke ward of the local hospital and just stand there and laugh at them all, and accuse them of being retards.

  128. fu says:

    who do u think u r?

  129. Hillary Duff says:

    Bob Yuna is angry because HE has an aunt named Juju. (I just listened to my recording again and I think he said “nan juju” – whatever that means)

  130. Mike says:

    If you did not like Dick Clark then turn off the TV. No one made you watch it. Dick Clark is a big reason well the only reson we have such a big party on New Years Eve. I think the big problem here is everyone wants to see half naked teenagers and Dick Clark wanna be’s hosting shows that are meaningless. Get a grip!!!!

  131. Dick Clark Fan says:

    I am appauled you would even post something like this. I think it is great that Dick Clark was able to commentate and experience in person what a small minority of people could only witness through their television sets. And maybe he gave viewers a second thought on overindulging in liquor and considering something more meaningful such as the fragility of life.

  132. amek says:

    I agree with the original comment…
    Dick Clark looked awful, sounded awful… it was disturbing. It’s been disturbing for the past few years watching him kiss his wife. Just before midnight, I said to someone “I hope they don’t kiss this year” and then they did. Poor Dick Clark, for all his music careeer, he hadn’t heard that it’s better to burn out than fade away? An elderly CVA patient shouldn’t be hosting a “Rocking New Year” show. Did you hear him call Hillary Duff “JuJu”? I couldn’t believe it. I would have made me sad if it wasn’t so shockingly odd.

  133. amek says:

    wow! Others heard the “juju” thing too!
    great thread, you’ve validated me..I thought I was just drunk or that the major netword had put someone on television who had had a stroke or something…

  134. howie says:

    i don’t think dick clark is retarded i just think he was drunk out of his mind and decided it was time to give the king of all media–howard stern–some new material for the new year.
    how about a dick clark puppet that slurs words!
    you press its pot belly and it shouts “nan juju”.

  135. F OFF says:

    Stern loves Dick Clark and wished him well last year after his stroke.

    He will not make fun of him… guaranteed.

  136. BJ says:

    Dick Clark is a money hungry asshole. He got what was coming…a stroke!
    What a tard.

  137. bobert says:

    i love dick clark, he was one of the first to present nigger music to the masses and I will always admire him for that. he was a great man.

  138. Hillary Duff says:

    This Nan Juju thing is really buggin me. What was he trying to say??


  139. POTUS says:

    Let’s see- your saying Dick clark shoud retire becuase he is as eloquent as George Bush?

  140. bobo says:

    I think nan juju means “I think I just shit in my diaper”.

  141. Lauren says:

    Your “article” is so utterly repugnant and cruel that I actually feel sorry for you. Anyone with such an appalling lack of empathy like yourself deserves far more pity than Dick Clark. While you swaddle yourself in the delusion of invicibility, know that the day will come when you too will be faced with a body and mind that fails you. Perhaps even sooner than you think. Someone in Mr. Clark’s condition needed a goal to strive for in order to keep him going this past year. And for him, that was appearing on last night’s broadcast. He’s owned it for 34 years, he had every right to be there, 100% healthy or not.

    I certainly don’t expect some twentysomething ingrate like yourself who obviously has never lost a friend, a parent or sibling to understand how truly awful your comments are. But when someone you love eventually suffers at the hands of a tragic illness or accident, I hope you will remember how funny you thought you were when you posted this blog. You can be sure that God will.

  142. Fredo says:

    The guy was in no shape to anchor the show. We’re not saying we don’t sympathize with his situation, we’re not saying he didn’t give 110%, we’re not saying he hasn’t acccomplished a great deal in his career, we’re not saying storke victims should be laughed at…we’re saying he called Hilary Duff “Nan JuJu”, messed up the count, and could barely be understood. Do you want to see Pamela Anderson’s tits at 80? Suffering through Mooriah Carey was tough enough. TV is video and audio, meaning you have to look good and sound good or you don’t get on TV. That’s why we have radio for those who don’t look good. Unfortunately if you don’t sound good the best place to be is the internet…not hosting New Year’s Mumbling Eve with Nan JuJu.

  143. Pork Soda says:

    Moo-riah Carey was later referred to as ‘Linebacker Barbie” on local television. Now THAT’S funny stuff! Along with the ‘Nan Juju’ incident, of course.

  144. dirty jew says:

    as for dick clark…he has no idea what he is doing or he would have never called hillary duff—Nan JuJu. dick clark is a drunk…he can’t even count. he might as well be dead. he is useless. i say that with the upmost of respect.

  145. Chris says:

    What a disgusting piece of sh*t you are. How dare you make up stories, lies, and accusations? This man is loved by millions, has made great strides in only 12 months to come back from a debilitating stroke at the age of 76, and I hope he keeps coming back year after year. Karma is gonna get ya for your asshole behavior, whoever posted this crap!

  146. Mike says:

    The man should not have returned to the public stage in this way. He is finished. Retarded is a harsh word to use but it is a valid point. He is no longer the Dick Clark we knew. Sorry, too bad, it’s very sad and all but he is diminished so greatly it is painful to watch him and a diservice to his memory. (Yeah that’s right, past tense, like he’s already dead.)

  147. Nan Juju says:

    Here it is – turn up your volume and listen


  148. jenny says:

    dick clark is finished. the american pubic will never forgive him for sluring his words like that. mr. clark….next time— get drunk after the show not before…you damn lush.

  149. Chrissy says:

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT? He wasn’t drunk, he had a major stroke last December. Get your facts straight and show some sympathy. If you all were so offended by his speech and appearance, why were you sitting at home on New Year’s Eve watching him?

  150. jenny says:

    go ahead chrissy keep making excuses for him…forget this stroke business–he was absolutly smashed…probably whisky.
    dick clark didn’t even who the hell hillary duff was.

  151. Chrissy says:

    Knowing who Hillary Duff is is not something to brag about.:P

  152. sorry says:

    i am sorry about all the things i said about dick clark. i didn’t mean anything by it. it was just a spoof. i love you dick clark…you are getting better. keep at that therapy. i will except you any way that you come to us. you are a good and decent man.

  153. John says:

    Yep, Dick Clark ought to keep himself out of public view because young Leopold can’t deal with the issue of mortality.

  154. Sting says:

    Ooo, you offer such pearls of nuanced wisdom. Please give us more, oh oracle of knowledge, you.
    Next up, why Lou Gehrig was a pussy.

  155. Stephanie says:

    To me Dick Clark IS New Years. I have a hard time staying up late, but forced myself just to catch a glimpse of a very brave and honorable man. He had the courage to show the world that you don’t have to be “perfect” to be a role model. It was very hard for me to see him that way but I am very glad that he is doing so well. Shame on you Leopold. May you never have to experience anything as heart wrenching as this youself for I don’t think you would have the strenth to survive!

  156. Elisa says:

    To those who have insulted t Mr. Clark, it’s a sad commentary on the way the world is today.

    Dick Clark defines the turn of the new year for me. Last year’s absence was most evident. I felt extremely proud for him last night. I can only imagine the courage it must have taken to go before the cameras. Anyone who goes through such a traumatic event and overcomes such adversity should be admired, not pillaged.

    Shame on those of you who have no conscience or sense of humanity. I can only hope that you never find either yourself or a member of your family in such circumstances. I can only assume from your callous attitude that you would be the first to demand people have an obligation to YOUR plight!

  157. EatABullet says:

    I figured there may be some criticism out there but you go above and beyond.

    Nice going asshole. Here’s your New Year’s Resolution: get some class.

  158. ET Rand says:

    Could you at least acknowledge that you learned something about being such a jerk?

  159. Quit Complaining says:

    Back in the early days of television like from the 1950s through the 1960s, Guy Lombardo (the big band leader) was the person who was most associated with New Year’s Eve because he and his band were the ones who played `Auld Lang Syne` in New York City on the live nationwide TV when in the old days there were maybe three channels at most for everyone in the U.S. Guy Lombardo was `Mr. New Year’s Eve` in the old days of TV. He died. Nowadays, Dick Clark is Mr. Year’s Eve (or perhaps he should just be called `Father Time` because Dick Clark is stroke-aged at 76 years old.) And Dick Clark will kick the bucket whenever that happens. And then we are doomed when Ryan Seacrest becomes the semi-official Mr. New Year’s Eve.

  160. David says:

    Leopold Stotch is jealous because when he turns 76 years old, he won’t even have a pot to piss in. Dick Clark is the prime example of an American Hero. His bravery, courage, and fast recovery should be honored and not ridiculed by idiots. Dick actually cared enough to make an appearance on Television and to show America that he has not given up and he won’t let a moron like Ryan Seacrest succeed him. I hope that Dick Clark continues to host New Years Rockin’ Eve for many, many years to come!

  161. Quit Complaining says:

    From the Washington Post article “Live From New York, And on the Mend” January 2, 2006:

    “Dick Clark, longtime host and co-producer of the event, looked seriously debilitated during several much-ballyhooed but extremely brief appearances scattered throughout the show.” Dick Clark’s very brief appearances may “strike some observers as courageous and others as morbid….” where “… he was seen seated behind a desk, immobile, with no close-ups allowed.” Dick Clark was mercifully only “on camera for a mere 26 seconds when the director abruptly cut to shots of the Times Square crowd as it huddled against the cold and waited for midnight to strike.”




  163. Carson Daly says:

    Hey, Dick Clark was great but did anybody watch MY SHOW over on NBC. If you want a younger hipper host, and if you don’t like Ryan Seacrest, you can change the channel over to watch me on NBC. I don’t have a stroke and I can talk and walk at the same time.

  164. Regis Philbin says:

    Hey, get out of here, Carson. If you like old hosts who didn’t have a stroke, you could’ve watched MY SHOW on FOX. I’m as old as Dick Clark and I can do just as good a New Year’s Eve show as anyone. And I got to be on live TV for the whole show!

  165. Kelly Ripa says:

    I was watching my Regis on Fox.

  166. Conan O`Brien says:

    I was watching my Carson on NBC.

  167. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog says:

    I was watching Ryan Seacrest… Because he was good to POOP ON!


  168. Mickey Mouse (another old character) says:

    I was watching Dick Clark…. or whatever was left of him….

  169. Paula Abdul says:

    I was watching my Ryan on ABC.

  170. Simon Cowell says:

    I would never watch Ryan on New Year’s Eve.

  171. Jay Leno says:

    I would like to say the I was watching Carson, but since New Year’s Eve was on a weekend then my show was not on and so this time around I don’t have to watch TV at this time of the year.

  172. David Letterman says:

    What? There was no New Year’s Eve show on CBS? Oh, I was watching the MTV show.

  173. Joan Rivers says:

    I would watch Dick Clark instead watching the surgically-altered Mariah Carey. Why did they have to have Mariah Carey on the ABC show?

  174. bill says:

    britney spears missed her period this month and it looks like this sexy vixen is pregnant again.
    there is nothing more beautiful in life than a young girl’s bloody placenta…sweet!

  175. Reality says:

    Could we please accept the fact that a guy who made his millions basically off of his voice quality is going to have to accept some ridicule when he foolishly puts himself on air when his voice has degraded?

    Dick Clark is the Ryan Seacrest of the 1950’s: please don’t equate longevity at ABC–a network which for 20+ years of his career was a complete joke– with talent. His performing career was: Bandstand, where he announced songs exactly like every DJ in North America; a bunch of crap game shows; a show with Ed McMahon where he laughed when people fell down and flubbed their lines and, finally, a New Year’s Eve show that was Bandstand all over again where he counted down from 10 four times.

    So, his career highlights are that he can introduce bands and count down from 10. He can’t do either anymore, so maybe he should hang it up. We might be able to stretch it and say he also has an ability to attract talent to perform, but if the best he can get is a washed-up 300lb Mooriah Carey, that’s obviously over, too.

    You idiots want to talk about courage: the real courage is knowing when to hang it up before you Nan Juju.

  176. jeremy says:

    I wonder if his performance Saturday night is a candidate for a future episode of TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes. Seriously. It had to be one or the other, eh? I TiVo’d it and watched it back time and again, with Closed Captioning on. The captioner didn’t know what the hell he was saying half the time, either.

    I thought it was hysterical. And spare me all the “how dare you…” nonsense. This guy made a living for years showing people at their worst moments on national TV, and anyone who wants is entitled to make fun his worst moment. And for free, to boot. Don’t like it? Go read an Oprah book-of-the-month or whatever the devil it is you people do.

  177. jeremy says:

    Sorry for double-commenting, but:

    :Dick Clark is the prime example of an American Hero:


  178. aboriginal says:

    I grew up with watching the ’70’s and ’80’s ABS and the 25k Pyramid and all those NYE’s over the years and Dick Clark’s a staple, an icon of American media and he feels as much of a kinship with the viewers as we’ve felt with him over all this time. He’s a part of households and families as getting together with loved ones is on NYE – a tradition. Dumbass comments aside it appears you have little or no relation to that and shoot your mouth from the hip and then take it in the ass afterwards.

  179. Eddy Lauterback says:

    Old Dick is hard to beat but like most Hollywood egomaniacs, he would show up at a grocery store grand opening if there a TV camera. Reminded me poor old Kirk Douglas trying to keep his mug in the public eye. Hang it up like Carson, before they have to lead you away. God, you are rich, go out letting us remember you as you were. Next year I’ll go to the local nursing home if I want that type of show.

  180. Eddy Lauterback says:

    Old Dick just created about a whole season of TV Bloopers and Practical Strokes with that performance. It was all about more $$$$, wasn’t it Dick? Seemed like a version of Weekend at Bernies only no one was helping make old Dick look alive. Maybe next year we dig up Buddy Ebsen and Fred Astaire to help make Dickie look younger.

  181. Ernest Brown says:

    “Next up, why Lou Gehrig was a pussy.”

    When ALS destroyed his baseball skills, Gehrig benched himself forever after getting congratulated for finally making a routine play at first by his teammates. Kirk Douglas’s acting roles are specifically written for his condition, as was Robert Guillaume’s part after his stroke on SPORTS NIGHT. None of them tried to pretend that nothing happened, or that they were functional in areas that they weren’t. I wish him well in the future, but Dick Clark should face reality and concentrate on his rehabilitation and business interests if he can’t handle public appearances.

  182. amek says:

    As the Washington Post reported, some saw it as “courageous” while others thought it was “morbid.”

    Many people have said they were uncomfortable listening to Clark speak in public for the first time since his stroke 13 years ago.

  183. kc says:

    Then again, anyone who created the show TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes might be a little bit retarded.

  184. David W. Baker says:

    Of course, the obvious question is what motivates this blog. My money is on “infantile narcissism.”

  185. Kathy says:

    Why do you think Dick Clark is a hero?
    What exactly has he done to be considered a hero?

  186. joebello says:

    Like many, I was outraged when I read the “retarded” crack yesterday, but your retraction was very genuine and respectable.

    Please believe me when I say that while there is a smothering tide of infantile narcissism all over the U.S., Dick Clark’s appearance on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is not an example of that at all.

    The man is no saint…and no one should doubt he doesn’t possess some of the bottom-line businessman and egocentric traits characteristic of all producers and broadcasters.

    But he really does love the Times Square experience and wanted to be there. As I wrote on another Web site, for the memories he’s given us, I say, the least we can do his respect him and appreciate him.

    One person wrote somewhere something like he was fulfilling his “contractual obligation” to appear. Nonsense. If anything, ABC might prefer to attract the Ryan Seacrest demographic, to sustain its ratings dominance…and wouldn’t mind Dick exiting gracefully. And frankly, if it was narcissism, don’t you think he’d prefer to remain in hiding…and not be seen, on a *live* broadcast, no less? There are no ‘do-overs’ on a live show.

    Courage, heroic, maybe not, but I was quite satisfied to see him hang in there for the entire 90 minute duration of the show. So were a majority of others. Please leave the man alone, everyone, and pick on someone who deserves it more.

  187. marty says:

    Nan Juju ?

    Sounded like someone saying ” … and you ?” to me.

    Sure the guy stumbled a little bit. He had a stroke, assclown. Get a new hobby.

  188. Actually, most television people believe that people who have had a stroke should be banned from the airwaves. With my myopia and deviated septum, I have no chance for a future in TV. Meanwhile, some TV exec is sending Mariah to Mary-Kate Olsen for diet tips. Argh.

    In my view, Clark did well. He chose to appear, and it wasn’t courageous, and it wasn’t pathetic – it just WAS. As long as he doesn’t try to rap, he’ll do fine.

  189. Eddy Lauterback says:

    Believe me, it was not courage that he displayed letting them lift him into that chair. It was old Dicks ego taking over. It was a real life version of “Weekend at Bernies” only renamed Strokin New Years Eve at Dicks. Like so many, he has to have that camera with the red light burning. Feel sorry for his wife and associates but not him. He is in denial if he thought he could go on live TV and pull that off.

  190. Kevin says:

    You are a foolish idiot. I hope you get a stroke.

  191. Jeremy Burns says:

    You are an ‘ASS’

  192. Elisa says:

    To those of you who are attacking Dick and his ego, did you ever think for a moment that perhaps he wasn’t doing this for himself, but rather for those stroke victims out there who have completely given up on themselves and see absolutely no reason to wake up each morning?

    I guess I’m an optimist. I just don’t think that someone showing such courage was doing it for the sake of keeping his “mug on camera”.

  193. Cornelius says:

    Hillary Duff: “So let’s right now check in at Times Square. How’s everything going over there guys?”

    Dick Clark: “…It’s going great Nan JuJu..”

    You dillholes. I never heard that exchange. I think the exchange actually went as follows:

    Hillary Duff: “So let’s right now check in at Times Square. How’s everything going over there guys?”

    Dick Clark: “…It’s going great AS USUAL ..”

    Dick Clark’s speech impediment is only exceeded by your inability to hear and the fact that you have speam for brain cells. I have it Tivoed, I’ve listened to it, and doesn’t sound like ‘Na JuJu’. Fuck off suckers.

  194. jeremy says:

    ::I have it Tivoed, I’ve listened to it, and doesn’t sound like ‘Na JuJu’. Fuck off suckers.::

    Well said.


    No. Nevermind.

  195. Krow Magnum says:

    Dick’s agent is retarted and apparently as well as many of the responders here.

    The New Years Eve show is not the place for Dick Clark to make a show of courage and ignorance. The guy has some serious issues and should not be on tv.

    I turned it off because it was pathetic. Carson Daily is the new and improved Dick. I wonder if Carson will be on tv long after he should ? Maybe he already has been on tv too long……

    Let Dick Die !

  196. speamer says:


    Is you Don Cornelius?

    What be “speam?”

  197. Ed McMahon says:

    First, all these posts about “all the great memories Dick provided us” are crap. A lot of us have no memories whatsoever of this guy. I mean, we knew who he was, but to have memories of him you had to (a) be sitting at home Saturday afternoon watching a dance show, (b) be into “bloopers and practical jokes” or ( c) have nowhere to go to on New Year’s Eve. When you ponder this for a minute, you’ll realize that “having great memories of Dick Clark” is simply for a euphemism for “loser watching a lot of TV while others are out actually living.”

    Second, doesn’t anyone see the justice in a guy who made a crapload of money from a bloopers show becoming a living, non stop blooper? Ha, ha! Dick told us it was OK to laugh at others’ misfortune, and I’m not going to question his wisdom now.

    Maybe it was a practical joke: “We told this mumbling stroke victim that he was speaking acceptably and put his ass on national TV. Let’s watch…”

    Nan juju!

  198. Cornelius says:

    What be “speam?”

    Sperm. Sperm I tell you. In place of brain cells, you’ve got sperm swiming up there in your brain matter.

    Nan juju!

    He didn’t even make the ‘N’ sound! Dick said “AS USUAL”. Anyway, I’m sure despite all the medications he’s on, Dick was getting a boner from Mariah, and was masterbating off camera during The Pussycat Dolls performance. You should be so lucky to still get it up after a massive stroke, Dilmonkey.

  199. david letterman says:

    HOpe you Dick bashers are happy. He now wants to come on my show. And then do another bloopers and practical strokes show. We’ll never get rid of this loon if you keep defending the thrice married, swearing, smoking stoking guy.