It’s Not Over in Ukraine

Via the BBC:  Nato alarm at east Ukraine violence.

Lots of details, so just follow the link.

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  1. TastyBits says:

    Wow! Who could have seen this coming?

  2. michael reynolds says:

    Well, we’ve already had the Sudetenland and the Anschluss, so I guess it’s time for Czechoslovakia.

  3. TastyBits says:

    Human history began long before Hitler. Surely, somebody could find an analogy other than Hitler, the Roman Empire (generally), or Genghis Khan. These territories have been fought over for hundreds of years, and they have been mostly controlled by Russia.

  4. michael reynolds says:


    There’s no point in a historical analogy so obscure that no one gets it.

    In any case, this is just too Hitler to pretend otherwise.

  5. TastyBits says:

    @michael reynolds:

    If everything is Hitleresque, then what is the point? Hitler was a vegetarian. Does that make vegetarians suspect? If all that one knows of history is Hitler, one’s opinion will be of limited value.

    If the idea is to get Putin worked up about being compared to Hitler, I doubt it is going to work, but like the empty military gestures, it will make everybody feel better.

  6. michael reynolds says:


    I think you’re being deliberately obtuse.

    Quite clearly the tactics are similar, close to identical: Send in agitators to get an ethnic population worked up, claim that the ethnic population is in danger, send in troops to “protect” your group, defend your move by pointing to historical antecedents, hold a bogus referendum, reassure everyone that this is all you want, and then repeat the entire thing all over again.

    In point of fact the analogy is spot-on.

  7. TastyBits says:

    @michael reynolds:

    Followed by rounding up the undesirables, and sending them to the gas chambers.

    Where does the illegal overthrow of the democratically elected government fit in? I guess if Hitler had been able to use Facebook and Twitter to engineer his takeover, it would have been fine.

    Oh wait, this is different. We are supposed to conveniently forget that little detail.

  8. wr says:

    @michael reynolds: If Russia is Nazi Germany and history is repeating, then I assume you’re agitating for the US to cast off its 1939-ish isolationism and invade?

    You really think that’s going to end well for anyone?