Jack Kemp Has Cancer

Jack Kemp has been diagnosed with cancer.

The office of Jack Kemp says the former housing secretary, congressman and Buffalo Bills quarterback has been diagnosed with cancer.   A statement issued in Buffalo, N.Y., says Kemp is undergoing tests to assess the origin of the disease and the best treatment.  The statement issued Wednesday did not disclose the type of cancer.

The 73-year-old Kemp says he will continue to serve as chairman of his Washington-based Kemp Partners consulting firm and will remain involved in charitable and political work.

After his football career, Kemp represented western New York for nine terms in Congress.  He ran unsuccessfully for president bid in 1988, then later was President George H.W. Bush’s housing secretary and ran for vice president as Bob Dole’s running mate.

Thanks to his sponsorship of the “Kemp-Roth” tax cuts during the first year of the Reagan Administration and other initiatives, he was an iconic figure in the fiscally conservative wing of the Republican Party during my formative period.   Along with Phil Gramm and Newt Gingrich, he was one of a handful of elected Republicans who could truly be thought of as wonks.

My best wishes for a recovery.

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James Joyner
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  1. News Review says:

    This is really a bad news. Hope he will surpass such trial and should never give up.. We offer our sincere prayers for his recovery.. He is a good person, hence, deserves a longer life. We hope that he’ll recover soon.

  2. Drew says:

    I saw (live) Mr Kemp give but one speech, perhaps 12 years ago, here in Chicago. A dynamic speaker, with a message worthy of thoughtful consideration.
    The balance of his body of work speaks for itself.

    Ill defined announcements of this nature never bode well. With a close relative battling this difficult disease I hold a special concern, understanding and hope for Mr Kemp.