Jackass: The Documentary

Frank J:

If marginally staged events filmed for entertainment value is what makes a documentary, then Jackass the Movie actually set those records. It debuted at number one with a gross of $22.8 million. It also had less erroneous assertions than a Michael Moore documentary.


(Hat tip: Dean Esmay)

James Joyner
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  1. Jeff Begley says:

    Michael Moore documentary? I thought Moore made art. Doesn’t he do the film version of those picture murals where you create a huge picture from smaller shots that have NOTHING to do with the larger picture?

    For example: http://ezmosaic.com/epmm2/gallery/col3/mo.jpg

    The Mona Lisa made up of maps, jet fighters, the flag of Brazil and other odds and ends = art.

    I mean, he does take little snippets of video, strings them together in an editing machine, and makes people say whatever he wants them to, right?

    That’s art, not something as historically important as a documentary on American politics.