Jamal Lewis Indicted

Yahoo! News – Jamal Lewis Indicted on Federal Drug Rap

Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis, who had the second-highest rushing total in NFL history last season, was indicted Wednesday on federal drug charges.

The Atlanta native is accused of helping arrange a drug deal involving cocaine in the summer of 2000, U.S. Attorney William S. Duffey said. Lewis was expected to turn himself in Thursday, the prosecutor said.

A message left for Lewis’ attorney, Ed Garland, wasn’t returned.

Lewis is charged with conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute 5 kilograms of cocaine and using a cell phone in the commission of the first count, Duffey said.

Yikes. Although, in all fairness, the cell phone thing strikes me as piling on.

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  1. Skip Oliva says:

    It does sound silly, but the cell phone charge does give the feds a “lesser included” offense to use as a plea bargaining chip.

  2. Tom Royce says:

    I wonder if he is off probation from a shoplifting charge out of Cobb County, Georgia. He had a spotty record growing up if I remember…