Jasmine Drum, RIP

Jasmine, the blogoshere’s most famous cat, has died. My condolences to Kevin and Marian Drum.

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James Joyner
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  1. McGehee says:

    Jasmine, the blogosphere’s most famous cat, has died.

    James, not to step on the Drums’ rightly deserved condolences here, but “the blogosphere’s most famous cat”…?

  2. James Joyner says:

    Kevin was cat-blogging at CalPundit during the early days of the blog boom and his audience dwarfs that of any other cat-blogger. The only one that I can think of who’s even in the discussion is Nardo, Laurence Simon’s kitty.

  3. Steve Verdon says:

    James is right IMO, Jasmine and Drum’s other cat Inkblot are probably the two best known cats in the blogosphere.

  4. Mythilt says:

    I’d have to say that Simon’s cats are at least as well known.