Jedi Mind-Meld: Not the Sequester You Were Looking For

So, this happened today:

Yes, the old Jedi Mind-Meld. Steve Saideman captures some of the better Twitter reax to that one.

Some others from my feed:

The White House has released this mashup to leverage the gaffe:


UPDATE: The experts weigh in.

George Takei (Sulu):

But actor, director and activist George Takei, who played Lt. Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek: The Original Series, insists the president actually got it exactly right.

“Jedis are the guardians of peace and justice. And mind meld is the Vulcan way of having the force of pure, clean communication between one mind and the another,” Takei said on “The Ed Show” on Friday. “Well, that’s what the president is trying to do-bring those two forces together.”

Takei also compared Republicans with Klingons, recurring villains in the Star Trek franchise, but predicted “the force of the mind meld and the force of Jedi power” will eventually produce the common ground that’ll be required for a resolution.

Leonard Nimoy (Spock):

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  1. JKB says:

    You know what this means. Obama is going to have to go to Comic-con. Or have Sheldon over for a beer, maybe

  2. legion says:

    As I told a friend earlier today, give the man a break – if you had to mind-meld with the likes of Eric Cantor and Louie Gohmert, you’d be down a few dozen IQ points too…

  3. Stonetools says:

    The President’s statement caused a disturbance in the Alpha Quadrant and fused the dilithium crystals in my X Wing fighter…..

  4. Mikey says:
  5. rodney dill says:

    Set phasers on stun Jar-Jar.

  6. Woody says:

    This proves beyond all doubt that Barack Obama isn’t really a nerd from America.

    All real nerds preferred Space: 1999 over Star Trek.

  7. Kylopod says:

    When I was in my teens, I had a karate instructor who one time used the phrase “May the Force Be With You” and then claimed it was a quote from Spaceballs.