Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Office Admits He’s Suffering From A “Mood Disorder”

After several days in which fellow Democrats were clearly becoming more and more impatient with the silence from Congress Jesse Jackson Jr.’s office, a statement was finally released late yesterday: 

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is “receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder,” according to a statement released by the congressman’s office, which attributed the quote to an unidentified doctor.

The Illinois Democrat and son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader, has not been on Capitol Hill since late May, and in early June his office announced he was taking a leave of absence because he was suffering from a “medical condition.”

Jackson’s office on Wednesday noted that information on Jackson’s status is protected by federal law, as is the information of all medical patients. At the same time, the congressman’s office released what it said was a statement from Jackson’s doctor. Jackson’s office declined to give the doctor’s name.

The doctor also was quoted as saying Jackson “is responding positively to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.”

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, “mood disorder” is a broad term covering a variety of neurobiological abnormalities that can include a major depressive episode, bipolar disorder and catatonia.

“Generally speaking, to be diagnosed with a mood disorder, your feelings must be intense, with the patient feeling either depressed, or having excessive energy for days at a time, where sleep is not needed and decision-making can be significantly hindered, or one can fluctuate between both extremes,” said Nancy Molitor, a psychologist in private practice in Wilmette, Illinois, and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago.

Left unstated is how long Jackson is expected to be treated, and what this means for the November elections.

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  1. Herb says:

    I think he’s sad Romney’s been lying about his Bain tenure….

  2. Herb says:

    Here’s another Rep who needs to seek treatment for a mood disorder….

  3. paladin says:

    Having lived in Illinois for 35 years I can tell you what this means for the November electon:


    Jackson has been in congress for 9 terms, the Dem controlled government gerrymandered the districts to their liking and advantage and Democrats don’t give a hoot what wrong doing their politicians do, they’ll continue to reelect them every time.

    **Clinton diddled interns yet won reelection and became richer than ever and more revered after said diddling

    **Ted Kennedy was a drunk, womanizer and killed a girl, yet was worshipped and adored as The LIberal Lion till the day he died and beyond

    **Barney Frank ran a gay prostitution ring out of his apartment, yet is hailed as one of the smartest men in congress

    **Everybody in Illinois knew Blago was under investigation by the feds, yet he easily won a second term.

    etc. etc. etc.

    Sure GOPers do bad stuff too, but the voters usually give them the boot—-not so with Dems.

    John Edwards is the glaring exception to the rule; normally some randy pol knocking up a campaign worker would be seen as a resume enhancer in DemLand.

    So no, Jackson has nothing to fear from his mindless lockstepping constituents, no matter what is ailing him.

    Not so sure about the feds, though. lol

  4. Jenos Idanian #13 says:

    Gee, how remarkable the timing of this. My mood would be pretty disordered, too, if one of my key fundraisers was arrested by the FBI and the House was opening an ethics investigation of me.

  5. G.A. says:

    Here’s another Rep who needs to seek treatment for a mood disorder….

    Now thats funny:)

  6. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Sure GOPers do bad stuff too, but the voters usually give them the boot—-not so with Dems.

    Yep, those high principled Louisiana voters sure kicked Vitter to the side of the road, didn’t they? And what about what the fine people of Texas did for DeLay?