Joel Stein Responds

Chris Short wrote a “concerned veteran” letter to Joel Stein, author of the infamous, “I don’t support the troops” op-ed.

Read Stein’s response at the link.

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James Joyner
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  1. LJD says:

    What a cop-out.
    A journalist’s job is to write articles. The process likely involves gathering and organizing ideas (what is the point?), creating a draft, reading and modifying it, considering the reader’s perspective, and so on. This is English 101.
    I would expect that by the time a piece gets into a large paper like the LAT, it would have had many editorial eyes on it along the way…
    To then say, “I may not have stated what I meant as well as I wanted” is total B.S.
    What we see here is that an LAT journalist, and the LAT took a chance with an inflammatory story, just for effect. Their failure was thinking through how it might be received.
    They let their small liberal minds tell them that this would be accepted because of the ‘unjust war’. Boy, were they ever wrong. Now they let the cat out of the bag for those who really feel that way.

  2. Frank says:

    By not standing by his article Mr. Stein has demonstrated the same wussiness he criticises. Additionally, he has revealed his lack of conviction and character.

  3. G A PHILLIPS says:

    good point Frank,but i have to point out that dem fools(no pun intended) have no conviction or character unless you call doing whatever it takes, no matter how many baby’s it kills(by baby’s i meant 44 million unborn dead and counting)or how many of our fighting men have to pay for there treason(by treason i meant the aid and comfort they have been giving our enemy seance about a month after 911)just to regain there power by attacking our Prez. and to keep there sacred choice of abortion conviction and or character.P.S.Now i know that was some “hate speech”.

  4. G A PHILLIPS says:

    And a word to the wise, I think trying to pick on me bcause I not a good speller is a hate crime! Not that any of you have yet,but i can see it coming. Dang Check Spelling Don’t work.