John Edwards: Three Takes

Catching up on news and observations at my Trends feed, I was struck by three disparate views on John Edwards emanating from a single source.

At Political Insider, Helvidius pronounces John Edwards’ speech at the DNC winter meeting “a thing of beauty.” His co-blogger, Bear Moose, demurs, “I used to like Edwards a lot. I liked him for crafting creative policies and having a certain talent to connect. I no longer like him very much. He really hasn’t worn well for me, and I think the speech is a good example of why.”

Over at the mother ship, site owner Taegan Goddard came away very impressed from meeting Edwards and watching him on “Meet the Press.” “Like Sen. John McCain in 2000, Edwards seems to have little interest in dancing around tough issues and finessing his answers.”

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James Joyner
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