John Gray: Terrorist

Kevin Drum reports that the fraudulent “Dr.” John Gray, that fraud, is harrassing a blogger for pointing out that Gray isn’t a real “Dr.” and is therefore a fraud.

So what we have is Gavin Sheridan saying that Gray has no accredited degrees, which appears to be factually true. He believes this makes Gray a fraud, a vigorous opinion to be sure, but one that he seems entitled to hold under the circumstances. So why is Gray, a best-selling author worth millions of dollars, wasting his time trying to bully a little known blogger into “correcting” his post? Good question.

Gavin has two items up about this, here and here. Perhaps there’s an attorney out in the crowd who can give him some good advice on how best to handle this. This business of threatening bloggers with specious complaints and hoping they can’t fight back is getting a little old. As the warbloggers like to say, appeasement is just an invitation for more.

I expect such weaselly conduct from a weaselly fraud like John Gray–who isn’t a real Ph.D.–but what really annoys me is that I blogged on what a lying fraud Mr. Gray was a whole week before Sheridan and didn’t get so much as a snippy e-mail. What gives?!

Update: I’m more amused than I should be by the fact that the Google ads on the Gray post — which, in strict conformity with the Terms of Service, I do not in any way encourage you to click on by the way — are all for bogus college degrees for “life experience.” I would click on one of them to see if they award a Ph.D. in psychology for life experience — such as publishing a successful book on relationships, for example — but, alas, that, too violates the Terms of Service.

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  1. Boyd says:

    I thought I’d lend you a hand, so you don’t have to violate your ToS.

    This is from one of the ad sites:


    Requires 38 credits.

    A master degree is normally a prerequisite for the doctorate degree.

    You qualify for a Doctorate degree if you have one of the following:

    –Two years work/life experience in your field and a master degree.
    –More than ten years work/life experience in your field.
    –Any combination of the above or considerable life/work experience.

    Another offers a PhD, but cautions that it “requires a specific Major Field of Study.” On a side note in a geeky vein, they also have an almost-black header, with the following text almost hidden within it:

    Life Experience Degree Life Experience Degrees Life Experience Degree Life Experience Degrees Online Degree Online Degrees Online Degree Online Degrees Online Degree Online Degrees College Degree College Degrees College Degree College Degrees College Degree College degrees High School Diploma High School Diplomas High School Diploma High School Diplomas GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED GED

    Another one only offers Associate, Bachelor and Master degrees.

    The next two sites appear to be essentially brokers for online degrees.

    Just to satisfy your curiosity, James, since I know you’d never violate the GoogleAds ToS.

  2. James Joyner says:


    Thanks much!

    And, man, I wish I’d known about this years ago. I could have saved a lot of time in grad school. Indeed, I’d have qualified for my Ph.D. before getting out of the Army, since I had a masters going in and wound up getting the Ph.D. with a specialization in security studies. Surely, four years as an officer, including a combat tour, is worth 38 credits!

  3. McGehee says:

    Or you could’ve attended Michael Newdow University and gotten a “Doctor of the Universe” degree.

  4. Boyd says:

    Or you could’ve attended Michael Newdow University and gotten a “Doctor of the Universe” degree.

    Nah, then you’d get bugged by all those little green aliens complaining about space colds, assorted aches and pains, and depression from spending so much time traveling between galaxies.

  5. McGehee says:

    Yeah — and that danged Skeletor is such a nuisance too.

  6. Gary Manca says:

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