John Little Takes the Braniff

Blogs of War proprietor John Little has taken the Braniff as a blogger for the Houston Chronicle‘s new Chronicles of War site.

UPDATE: Writing to amuse oneself, while great for avoiding blogger burnout, has the disadvantage of being somewhat abstruse on occasion for the reader.

There’s an old expression in the blogosphere, “taking the Boeing,” apparently coined by Tom Carroll, a reader at InstaPundit, and popularized by its proprietor, Glenn Reynolds:

“Take the Boeing.” That’s kind of a nice term for blogger-affiliation with major media.

Since I’m not sure the Houston Chronicle quite constitutes major media and since Little’s blog wasn’t absorbed there, I changed the phrase in honor of an old Texas aviation institution.

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James Joyner
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  1. In re your update.

    Having actually flown the airline in question (I think if I dug hard enough I could probably even find an old deck of cards they used to hand out), I recognized the name but the context just went right over my head.

    As long as you digging up Texas aviation trivia, why not say he’ll be flying the short shorts.

  2. James Joyner says:

    yaj: Indeed. I’m pretty sure I flew on Braniff a time or two, having lived seven years in Houston and another 18 months in El Paso during their era.

  3. B. P. says:

    “Braniff”? Ancient history, and W-A-Y too obscure.

    Since Continental Airlines is both current, rather large and a fixture here in Houston, might I suggest that instead?

  4. James Joyner says:

    B.P. Good idea. I’m old enough for Braniff not to be particularly obscure. Indeed, I didn’t realize it has been out of business quite that long until I looked ’em up on Wikipedia.