John McCain on Health Care

I haven’t read the entire plan yet, but in skipping around the bullet points one thing did strike me as possibly a good thing.

Reform the tax code to eliminate the bias toward employer-sponsored health insurance, and provide all individuals with a $2,500 tax credit ($5,000 for families) to increase incentives for insurance coverage. Individuals owning innovative multi-year policies that cost less than the full credit can deposit remainder in expanded health savings accounts.

President Bush suggested something like this, but it was panned by many knee-jerk liberals who let their dislike for Bush get in the way of what could be a good policy. Allowing people to actually do with the tax credit what they wanted would only enhance the efficacy of the plan, but I know politicians just can’t abide people doing stuff with their money that the politician doesn’t approve of. Still, a step in the right direction. Too bad I just don’t like McCain as a candidate and that both Obama and Clinton prefer statist approaches. If I vote this year, it will only be after I get well and truly drunk.

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Steve Verdon
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