Johnny Depp to Shoot Hunter Thompson’s Ashes

Depp Arranges Shooting of Thompson’s Ashes (AP)

Organizers of a memorial for Hunter S. Thompson plan to erect a 150-foot structure — courtesy of actor Johnny Depp — to shoot the gonzo journalist’s ashes onto his ranch near here. Friends and acquaintances gathered Thursday to discuss the Aug. 20 invitation-only service, which will be six months after Thompson shot himself in his Woody Creek home.

Jon Equis, the event producer working with Thompson’s family, said the tower will be 12 feet wide at the base and 8 feet wide at the top, where a cannon will be placed. Depp, who portrayed the author in the movie version of Thompson’s book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” will pay for the tower, designed to resemble Thompson’s “gonzo fist” emblem.

As Thompson requested, his ashes will be shot out of the cannon onto his property.

Not to be overly judgmental, but these are some weird people.

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James Joyner
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  1. Ya think?

  2. M. Murcek says:

    The ‘gonzo fist” – a two-thumbed hand clutching a peyote button.

    Yeah, they’re weird.

    Thompson’s dictum was “When the going gets weird, the Weird turn pro.”

  3. ICallMasICM says:

    I guess playing HST in that incredibly sucky movie had a big effect on Depp…or he just wants the publicity.

  4. The Man says:

    Would Depp be shooting the ashes in his arm or butt cheek?

  5. Wildman says:

    From Western Colorado

    The Wildman Foundation requests the honor to salute the late “Hunter S. Thompson” by assiting Johnny Depp shoot Hunter’s ashes from a cannon.

    The Wildman Foundation exists for one reason: to honor and promote the image of individuals who are becoming an endangered species. We believe those who live the Wildman lifestyle should exchange ideas, promote their beliefs and most importantly, have more fun. Hunter S. Thompson was one of those individuals who cut his own swath through life, offering no apologies, explanations, or excuses…


    Licensed by the Colorado and Utah Fire and Safety for Display Fireworks

    Availability: Immediate

    If the word extreme makes yours ears perk up and your heart beat just a little faster… you’re driven by an internal force that you can’t explain and don’t care to…

    Salute Hunter! !

  6. the good doctor says:

    Weird can only describe how this country has fallen in such a short time. As someone who lived thru the times that HST chronicled so well I can assure you that weird is the continung jingoistic bombast that is ripping our country to shreds. Hunter would often pull the scab off a partially healed wound to illuminate the wretchedness of those who lead us. Try reading his political coverage of the 1972 presidential campaign. you might learn something

  7. princeofporn says:

    Hunter S. Thompson will not be forgotten….
    Have you seen his personal documentry to the world that the world was to see apon his death?
    My father Artie Jay Mitchell’s unpublicly released Mitchell Brothers Documentry filmed circa 1988-
    “The Crazy Never Die”
    I am current working on Updating and lengthing the 33 min film into a new full lenth film called:
    Artie & Hunter are together again….
    My you both ride on the same cloud of chronic smoke!
    A.J. Mitchell II
    Mitchell Brothers 21st Century Film Group