July Stats and Referrers

OTB had 209,593 unique visits, 424,850 page views, and 1,407,877 hits in the month of July according to my site host and a bit over 180,000 unique visits according to SiteMeter. This was the second straight month of decline in traffic, although still nearly three times any month prior to the May spike.

While some substantial portion of the visitors presumably came for political commentary, the three most popular posts (judged by entry) involved Trading Spaces’ Paige Davis getting partially naked in a gay bar, and the beheadings of Kim Sun-il and Paul Johnson.

Below are the top weblog referrers to OTB for the month of June. They’ll be honored on the left sidebar for the next month:

Thanks to all.

(The report is later than usual owing to computer problems last week. )

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  1. Brian Kelley says:

    So your optimum post would be a partially naked Paige Davis getting beheaded?

    Congrats on another great month.