June Is Deadliest Month Of Afghan War

Another grim milestone:

KABUL (AFP) – The deaths of another four NATO troops in an accident in Afghanistan made June the deadliest single month for US-led foreign forces in nearly nine years of conflict, according to an AFP tally Thursday.

The grim landmark followed the sacking of NATO’s commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, which was greeted with dismay in Kabul where Afghan officials and foreign diplomats praised his efforts to reshape the war.

A total of 79 foreign troops have died so far this month as a result of the conflict in Afghanistan, according to an AFP tally based on statistics on the independent icasualties.org website.

The record eclipsed the previous bloodiest month for NATO troops last August, when 77 soldiers were killed. Since the US-led invasion in late 2001, around 1,870 foreign troops have been killed.

The latest dead were four British troops who were killed in a vehicle crash in the southern province of Helmand, the Ministry of Defence said, bringing the overall British death toll to 307.

The US military has warned that casualties will inevitably mount as foreign forces build up their campaign to oust militants from the southern province of Kandahar, a hotbed of bombings, assassinations and lawlessness.

Worth remembering while we’re focusing on who said what to whom over a few Bud Light Limes.

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