June 2004 Stats and Referrers

After last month’s incredible surge in traffic, mostly from search engine referrals, my string of record setting months ended. Still, June 2004 was easily my second biggest month ever, with 254,522 unique visits, 470,860 page views, and 1,880,397 hits. According to SiteMeter, I had slightly more than 240,000 unique visits. Once again, the traffic was heavily increased by search engine and blog referrals for videos and other coverage of the beheadings of Paul Johnson, Kim Sun-Il, Robert Jacob, and Paul Berg. There was also quite a bit of interest in my posts on Ronald Reagan and the book Imperial Hubris.

Interesting aside: Looking through my Blogosphere category archives for something, I stumbled upon this post from Steven Taylor dated July 2, 2003–almost one year ago to the day. OTB’s traffic is now comparable to what several sites in the top ten of the TTLB Ecosystem were getting then. The explosive growth in overall traffic in the blogosphere is stunning.

Below are the top weblog referrers to OTB for the month of June. They’ll be honored on the left sidebar for the next month:

Thanks to all the visitors and linkers.

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  1. Kate says:

    I noticed that after the Nick Berg spike, I retained what seems to be a permaning rise in traffic. Maybe the phenomenon actually introduced a few new people to the blogosphere.