Katherine Harris to Drop Out of Senate Race?

The Hotline and Justin Rood of something called TPM Muckraker are reporting that Katherine Harris’ senior staff are urging her to drop her bid for the Senate. The campaign adamantly denies. Which is either a surefire sign that they are dropping out (denial and all that) or proof that the rumors are false. Take your pick.

via Josh Marshall

Update: This Rood post from yesterday may explain why Harris would make the move.

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James Joyner
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  1. Harris running for Senate almost ranks up there with Denise Majette running for Senate in 2004. But at least there’s no McKinney moonbat type waiting to take Harris’ vacated seat.

  2. cirby says:

    I live in Florida, and when either side mentions Harris, everyone around just sorta rolls their eyes…

    No chance in hell that woman would be elected.

  3. Leo says:

    something called TPM Muckraker

    TPM Muckraker is Josh Marshall’s new investigative journalism site. The main reporter is Paul Kiel–a former Senior Editor at Harper’s.

  4. James Joyner says:

    Leo: Interesting. I later checked the About section and got the idea it was affiliated with TPM but didn’t quite grasp what it was beyond that.

  5. lj says:

    On the topic of aggressive candidates look at this
    Sen. Clinton Suggests Gender Plays Role in GOP ‘Angry’ Claims

  6. Jennifer says:

    I live in Florida and I have heard of such bad criticism of Katherine Harris, I cannot believe how badly people criticize her. She is a really nice,down to Earth,sweet human being.I support her 100% for her race for U.S. senate. She will make a wonderful senator repersenting the state of Florida. I cannot think of anyone else who would represent Florida as high as Katherine would, so in November everyone in Florida VOTE FOR KATHERINE it’s like the best chioice. KATHERINE HARRIS FOR U.S. SENATE ALL THE WAY!

  7. Bhoe says:

    I cannot think of anyone else who would represent Florida as high as Katherine would,

    So, Jennifer, you are saying that Harris is a drug user? A ringing endorsement, indeed! Maybe her fellow-Floridian Rush Limbaugh can run for governor giving the state multiple representatives who have the capacity to represent the state while high.