WaPo reports the loss of Atlantic Monthly Editor Michael Kelly, who was killed while traveling with the 3rd ID. I’ve read his work in WaPo and the Atlantic for some time. A sad loss indeed. (Hat tip: VodkaPundit)

Update: Apparently, the DC Indymedia cretins are happy that Kelly was killed. (Hat tip: InstaPundit) Absolutely amazing. I must say, it’s getting damned hard to find the “reasonable opposition” to this war that I constantly caution we must distinguish from the scumbags. James Lilek said this very well. Quoting from my own archives (I can’t find his very easily),

No, no, no, NO; I̢۪m not saying all antiwar voices are vile or imbecilic. As I keep saying over and over and over again there are sensible arguments against the war, and while I don̢۪t agree with them I understand how smart, reasonable people believe that war is not the proper course. To be honest, though: lately I say this more out of habit than conviction. It̢۪s become something I feel obligated to say, because I do want to make a distinction between the sensible dissenters and the moral cripples who superimpose Bush̢۪s face on bin Laden̢۪s head and proclaim the president the real terrorist. But the dissenters̢۪ arguments grow thinner every day. No amount of Iraqi intransigence will dissuade the antiwar crowd from their belief that inspections will find everything eventually. They seem to think the US will apply the requisite military pressure for however many years it takes to disarm Iraq. Even if we find all the bugs, all the poison juice and nuke fuel, their best-case scenario still leaves Saddam and his sons in power. Yes, I̢۪ve heard the argument that lifting the sanctions will lead to a prosperous society that will rise up and overthrow Saddam. Someday.

Sadly, the evidence continues to mount.

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