Citizen Smash passes on word that John McCain would “entertain” a vice presidential offer from his “close friend” John Kerry.

Well, they both served in Vietnam (or so I’m told), they both hate George Bush, and they’re both Democrats.

Update: Kevin Drum has a decidely different reaction, much to the amusement of Steven Taylor.

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  1. John A. Kalb says:

    McCain’s many things, but not a Democrat. He has something like an 84 lifetime rating from ACU. Aside from his maverick act, he’s overall fairly conservative.

  2. McGehee says:

    Much as I dislike McCain, I have to agree with John — McCain is not a Democrat.

    What he is, is a McCainocrat.

  3. PoliBlog says:

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  4. Kerry-McCain?
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  6. I wish I’d said that
    James Joyner on the rumored Kerry-McCain ticket:Well, they both served in Vietnam (or so I’m told), they both hate George Bush, and they’re both Democrats.

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