Kerry Makes Veep Choice — Or Not

CNN — Kerry mum on VP speculation

Amid speculation about who he wants for a running mate, Sen. John Kerry is spending the day Monday on his wife’s 90-acre farm in Pennsylvania. The Kerry campaign said Monday that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has not decided whom he will select. “He has not made a decision yet, but he looks forward to announcing it when he does,” said Stephanie Cutter, campaign communications director.

But a Democratic official who has talked with Kerry told CNN that the candidate has indeed made a decision, and would announce it shortly. “It’s clear Kerry has made a decision and is committed to announcing it on his terms with discipline more typically associated with Republican campaigns of yesteryear,” the Democratic official said. “That obviously means a rapid turn-around.”

One suspects it’ll be soon. Although, presumably not as people are coming home from a three-day weekend. Maybe just in time to make the evening news tomorrow?

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