Kerry Wins Nevada and D.C. Caucuses

So far at least, the Drudge intern rumors have had no impact: John Kerry Wins Nevada and D.C. Caucuses

Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry scored victories east and west Saturday, swamping his rivals in Nevada and the District of Columbia caucuses to build his advantage in delegates needed for the nomination. His opponents pinned their hopes on the coming Wisconsin primary to try to slow him down.

Kerry, the only candidate to campaign in Nevada, easily outdistanced Howard Dean in second place, for a Valentine’s Day win that unexpectedly drew thousands of people to the party’s meetings and surprised officials who saw far less enthusiasm four years ago.

Kerry also more than doubled his nearest opponent, Al Sharpton, in the D.C. race.

The rout kept Kerry’s head of steam going as the candidates battled for the Wisconsin primary Tuesday. The Democrats met in Milwaukee for a Saturday night party fund-raising dinner — skipped by Dean, who made a quick trip home to Vermont for his son’s hockey game — and a debate Sunday.


With the results from Saturday’s caucuses, Kerry increased his delegate count to 577, an AP analysis shows. Dean had 188, Edwards 166, and Sharpton 16. Nomination requires 2,161 delegates. Forty were at stake Saturday; the allocation of a few had yet to be determined.

The ability of even a major scandal to derail this train will soon be past. Unless, of course, Hillary Clinton and her minions swoop in and take it with a brokered convention.*

*Hey, trolls have to eat, too, you know.

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  1. Jim says:

    It seems this scandal won’t affect the nomination process: Democrats don’t care. The only thing that matters to the Democatic party right now is beating Bush…charges like infidility are soo 1998. The media has been very quiet compared to the harrassment that President Bush is taking about his national guard. However, remember that this type of scandle never quite goes away and will proably return at a most inconvient time.

  2. bryan says:

    The scandal won’t affect Kerry’s nomination because the mainstream press have kept it under wraps.